Where do you get flying mount licence.

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I have looked in SW, at the flight trainer i have the Burning crusade edition
If you have only up to Burning Crusade expansion, you can only purchase Expert riding (150% flying) at level 60, and then Artisan riding (280% flying) at level 70. When you buy these, you can use them to ride a flying mount in Outland only.

If you're looking for the Flight Master's License so that you can fly in Azeroth (Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms), you will need to have Cataclysm expansion on your account to purchase it.
in which case you have to buy wotlk and cataclysm...
Do you mean the Expert Riding or the Flight Masters License? Expert can be got at lv.60, but you need to have Cataclysm in order to get the Flight Masters License.

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