[A] GMT+8 JAG recruiting for 25man or 4.2

LFM to attempt to bring back 25man raiding for current content or patch 4.2. If we have sufficient applications, we would bring back 25man raiding for current content otherwise we will revert back to 25man raiding guild in patch 4.2.

Our raiding schedule is as follow:

Monday - Server time 23:00pm to 02:00am
Wednesday - Server time 23:00pm to 02:00am
Thursday - Server time 23:00pm to 02:00am

We not an elite raiding guild but we do expect any potential applicants to put in reasonable amount of efforts in his/her application as well as being sufficiently geared for the current content. We also expect his/her gear to be properly gemmed and enchanted. In short, be raid ready.

Just for information purposes, for 10man only, we currently 5/13 HM.

For any interested person, please visit our homepage www.justanotherguild.org for more details or to drop in an application.

We need the following classes.

Tank - 2 Slots in total

Death Knight - High Priority
Paladin - High Priority

Healer - 4 Slots in total

Paladin - High Priority

Melee Dpser - 5 Slots in total

Rogue - High Priority
Druid - High Priority
Death Knight

Range Dpser - 4 Slots in total

Priest - High Priority
Shaman - High Priority
Mage - High Priority

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