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There are pros and cons to the fall of the city GuildRecruitment channel. It's good because it finally allowed, or rather, forced, me to leave the city, because I had no need to be there anymore, for recruiting purposes. It's bad, however, because I no longer have a way to directly recruit. This is the best I have. So! This thread is born! Here goes nothin'.

<The Stormwind Army> is a military-style RP guild. There are no race/class/level discriminations. We have only one requirement to join: OOC intelligence. Proper grammar symbolizes this, and it's also fairly easy to tell whether or not the person you're speaking with is braindead or not. To advance to the rank of Private: You are required to have an acceptable level of RP fighting capabilities, as well as the addon GHI, since it is so heavily used within the guild.

Anybody wishing to join shall contact me via whisper to set up a meeting, or by chance meet me ICly. We are currently based in Menethil Harbor, a pit stop on our Southern Barrens campaign, from Stormwind. This will, of course, change.

I will be keeping up with this thread. Any criticism/questions/advice is heavily welcomed, for such things will structure the guild even more than it already is.

So, if you think you have what it takes, come on down for an interview!

General Varlun Mulland, The Stormwind Army.
It's good to see that you're following up on a lot of things you said in your other thread. Keep up the good work!
Yep. I have plans. Now that I don't have to sit in the Command Center spamming recruitment macros, I can fully devote myself toward creating events for the guild, to keep them entertained. If I'm online, then something interesting is probably happening; and I'm online. Alot.

Among that, I've acquired a couple, and possibly three, astounding members. Master Corporal Cayd is well on his way towards becoming a Sergeant, and Corporal Gunter is on his way up, as well. Though he joined only yesterday, Sergeant Arlén is quickly proving himself to be highly useful.

All three of these people have been active regularly, towards creating things for other members to do, and making sure everyone's busy.

The guild that was started but a couple weeks ago is quickly blossoming into something that is very well-managed and is alltogether pretty amazing. I am very proud of every single one of my members. I have a -fine- collection of experienced roleplayers.

So, I shall continue to keep in contact with this thread. This is now my main means of recruiting, and I will be answering any and all questions presented to me, to the best of my ability.

Take care, everyone,
General Varlun Mulland, The Stormwind Army.
Blargh. Can't get on WoW. :/


-Sits and waits-
Our operations in Menethil Harbor are complete. We have beaten back the Murloc threat a bit, and set up various defenses within the town. We leave for Theramore tomorrow.
And so begins my 15-hour adventure, for Saturday. Today, we head to Theramore!
I can't get money out of the Hall for the tea fund. I'd be very interested to know how you got the kit for an entire armed division on maneuvers.
Well. You're trying to get money for tea. I need it for... Stormwind's military. Much more important, I think. ;)
Well, we didn't have enough people online yesterday to move to Theramore. Must've had plans for the weekend. I hope we can move out to day, we're pretty much completely done with Menethil. It's been all roleplayed out, heh. I can't wait to see what Theramore has in store for us.
And so ends Monday. Again, nobody was really on, so we couldn't move. Weird. I am proud to report, however, that we have 17 members, one of which has been offline for 7, the other for 2, and the latter is because his WoW time ran out. The rest have only been offline for one day or less, so yeah, the guild is very active. Hopefully tomorrow the majority will be online at one time. RP has been slow throughout the weekend and today. Everyone is ready for somewhere new.
Might I suggest throwing in your hat with the upcoming guild fair, on May 21st?


Also bump :)
Alright. The guild was seeing little activity, so I decided to choose a few people to promote to Lieutenant, our first officer rank, to help with running the guild. It was evident that this was necessary due to the fact that, for one, everybody was online when I was offline. How was I supposed to hold any events? Among that, the guild was just going nowhere, as far as members. Granted, we haven't lost any, which is a great sign, but we haven't gained any either.

So, I promoted Arlen, Cayd, Gunter, and Sysianare to Lieutenant. I haven't seen them in action myself, but I'm sure that they've been keeping everyone busy. We still are right at 17 members, and holding. Once they let me know that Theramore is all RP'd out, we'll move on to Northwatch Hold, which is just going to be full of events; mainly fighting off Horde assaults against the hold.

Anyway, that's the update. I do hope that we'll find a way to gain more members. It is proving to be difficult to spread the word of the existance of the guild.
Alright. The guild's been going nowhere, so we've decided to backtrack. Since the loss of the Guild Recruitment channel, we've gained no members, and the ones we have aren't logging on that often, or at the same time. So, we're backtracking to Elwynn, Redridge, Westfall, and Duskwood, to recruit. Wish us luck.
Another day of recruiting. We'll be up and running again before long. Just need some fresh meat.
I wish you would quit trolling my post. First of all, I look more like one than you do. Second of all, we are not a Guard. We are the Stormwind military.

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