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Wyrmrest Accord
Bump. The guild is huge, now. We have like, constant events/trainings/patrols. Word on the street is we're gonna be headin' out on a campaign soon, though it's not really a rush, because everyone's having so much fun around Elwynn Forest, Redridge, Westfall, Duskwood, etc. Mainly Elwynn, right now. But yeah, the guild's huge. Like 64 members, and about 15 members online at any one time. And we -are- still recruiting. My initial standards -have- been lowered quite a bit. If you can follow orders (and type decently), then you can join. From there, you'll be promoted based on certain things. So yeah, there's my update.
Late Night Reflections

Ardelena stared down at the flames quietly, her expression difficult to read. The day had been a long one--drills, a patrol, fighting off a disturbance at the tower, and then there had been him.

"You are never to speak of this matter again." That had been the General's orders to the men and woman of his army.

And it was his army. More and more she'd seen how the men and women looked up to him. Even Fenham had been impressed when she'd told him about Varlun's disabling move on Bartlett.

Thinking of Fenham made her smile a little--so unsure of himself, and yet, so determined. A small part of her admitted that she was just as fond of his wolf, Arkham, as she was of him. But like her, he had a reason for being there--a purpose he had shared with her (and Kent). And like her, that thing would keep them both focussed. Granted, her reasons were nothing like his.

He'd refused her help in his own affair--a noble gesture, one she hoped he wouldn't regret. But she had made a promise to him:

"Then I'll be here to celebrate with you when you return."

She just hoped there wouldn't be any mead involved. That stuff was vile.

Thinking back on the earlier part of the day, she took stock of what she'd seen. The men were still learning discipline, though the incident created by herself and Raley had shown her just how disciplined Varlun's army could be. Thunderbelly and Sir Grayson had worked well together--herding the recruits back to the tower and then setting them into a presentation line. She knew she should have stood with them, but she just couldn't. She'd put her career on the line for them, but she knew they'd most likely have resented her there--especially Thagal. Better they had handled the situation.

Instead, her eyes had been on her General, weapons at the ready. If he'd pulled his weapons for any reason, she'd have gone down to him--orders or not. Although it had been Raley's accusations, she'd been the one to back him; she'd be the one to take the blame. That had been her responsibility--to him and to the rest of them.
She sighed and lifted her head, looking around the three a.m. quiet of the inn. Sleep had eluded her again.

She thought about the recruit she didn't know taking initiative on their patrol run. At first, it had annoyed her slightly, but the more she thought about it, the more she could tell he'd make a fine officer. Probably better than she would. She'd make it a point to get to know him better and to make a recommendation on his behalf.

And Ivette. She'd liked the woman instantly--in spite of the tense situation in which they'd introduced themselves. Her tenacity and dogged determination to remain at the General's side made her smile a little thinking back on it.

And then there was that fellow that had come racing past her and then stayed at the fire near the tower while she and Fenham had talked. She didn't know his name, yet, but he seemed eager to prove himself. Maybe a little too eager, but that had never hurt anyone off the battlefield. She'd have to keep an eye on him during combat situations, though.

In fact, she'd have to keep an eye on Kent, too. Kent was one of those men who was faithful to a fault. When he said he'd die to protect any of them, he meant it. He'd meant it so much, he'd jumped in front of her to keep Genesis from attacking her. It had been the wrong thing to do--wounded as he was. He'd presented a wounded target to a feral creature; it was practically begging Riotfang to attack. If she'd acted quicker, she might have spared him the injury that had kept him laid up for three days. But it was only in hindsight that she understood the mistake.

Frowning, she lowered her gaze. How many more mistakes would she make? How many lives would be lost because of her? They'd been lucky with Kent. But she knew she wouldn't always be able to count on luck.

Pressing her lips together, she pushed herself to her feet. A passing thought of the draenei woman, Saalyn, came to her, then. She'd been surprised to see one of their kind, at first, but then again, she'd been surprised to see a kaldorei, too. Dwarves. Humans. Gnomes. Those she could understand. Even worgen, now that their Lord and King had traveled to Stormwind from Darnassus. But draenei? Night elves?

And then there were the death knights.

She shivered a little as she turned and headed up to her room.

She understood them perhaps the easiest of all. Where else did they have to go? To what did they really have to go back? They were good at fighting and killing. The army needed men and women good at doing just those things. She just wondered if Varlun's death knights would learn to work with the rest of the men and women under his command. Even more, though, she wondered if the rest of the men and women would learn to accept them as one of their own.

"Hope so," she murmured to herself with a sigh as she let herself into one of the few rooms with a door she could close.

She locked the door behind her and crawled into the bed with a blissful sigh. Maybe now she could finally sleep. And tomorrow, she'd put that money that Lord Shadowbreaker had given to her to good use.
Varlun mumbled to himself as he watched one of his trusted officers hold a training for the mass of Recruits, and the couple Privates. "Maybe they'll be ready." said Varlun to himself, as he watched a good deal of the men effectively deflect attacks and send a counter toward their opponent. Then he watched with a slight frown as one of the Recruits took a shield to the face, knocking them back and onto the ground. "Or maybe they won't."

For indeed, the men had no idea what was coming their way. Varlun was planning something special. Something... risky. Something that would require a great deal of skill from every man, and woman.
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Mid-day bump. If anybody has ANY comments related to this guild, any suggestions or anything at all, just post it here, and I'll get back to you.
ooc- Hey, are you all still recruiting? I'm on SoE right now, but honestly, this guild has caught my eye strongly enough to nudge a realm transfer...

I think my character's background story would be rather conducive to your guild's rping atmosphere. She's in the Gnomeregan military in the Arcane Artillery. However she finds Mekkatorque's style of leadership too soft at times, and honestly wants more opportunities to fight the Horde...which she could get by signing up with the SW military.

Anyway, I just want to make sure you're still recruiting. If so, I might do a realm transfer and come find ya ICly ; ).

PS: I would need help with the addon...never done one of those.
Yes, we are wholeheartedly recruiting. That's why we're still hanging around in Elwynn. I'd love to have you join us.

And of course, I can help you with the addon, though it's not quite required so much anymore. Too many people are having problems with it, and I didn't want to just keep turning down people because they couldn't get it.
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Early morning bump. We are now based in Westbrook Garrison, and apparently, we are actively engaged with a guild called <The Westfall Revolution>. Should be fun.
Well I've already joined another guild, so just wanted to give a heads-up. But you all seem like a great faction. The more rp promoted the better I say : D.

Keep it up : D
96 members and growing rapidly.
Heya Varlun, I hope your guild is going well!

I may track you down later to see how your efforts are going. Remember, the Sentinels are open to you visiting again :)

How long had it been? A week? Two weeks now?

Lena watched as the almost-summer sun rose over Elwynn Forest from the battlements of Westbrook Garrison. She had never felt more tired in her life than she did just then, but she hadn't been sleeping much. Between Shadowbreaker's lectures, her duties as Master Corporal, and the recent influx of new recruits, privates, and recently a transfer from another regiment as their Sergeant, she'd had her hands full. And that was almost nothing compared to the information she'd been gathering. Right now, though, she just wanted to watch the sunrise.

There was something comforting in this seeming ritual--a reminder that darkness would not prevail--that the Light was never far. But even so, today, she couldn't find the usual comfort that seeing the sunrise usually gave to her.

There were swirls beneath the calm waters of Varlun's regiment--some she could see; others, she couldn't. And for a moment, as the sun crept steadily upward and the shadows retreated, she felt like she was drowning within the riptides.

As the sun cleared the horizon of treetops, she turned her steps inward.

"One thing at a time," she counseled herself silently. "Time will even out the tides, and when the storm comes, we'll be stronger for it."

"Now if only I could believe that," she thought.
Perchance to Dream

The golden light enfolded her, drawing her down into its warm embrace.

"Sleep, childe." The voice was familiar--her mother, but not her mother. It was the voice of a thousand stars or the white moon in the sky overhead. The light resolved itself into the face of a lightly purple-skinned night elf. Her hair was white as newly fallen snow, and her eyes were like pools of white flame. About her neck was a rope of diamonds--a hundred thousand stars that seemed to sing their own strange, beautiful melodies.

"Sleep," she whispered again, and then that beautiful, heavenly face descended, a kiss placed to her brow.

For a time, she drifted in seeming darkness, but then there was a voice--another familiar voice, and she was lying in the grass beside him, her head against his chest.

"So many stars," he said, holding her close. And when she looked up as he looked up, she saw them, too. Around them, the wind whispered softly, and the drying blades of grass slithered against one another, creating an eerie night-song. But lying there against him, it was warm. She pressed herself closer, turning onto her side as she lay her cheek to his arm.

And then she closed her eyes once more, lying safe and close beside him.

Again there was the darkness, but when she opened her eyes this time, he was gone. Standing over her was a large, great lion--with fur the color of the night sky, and wings burnished in sun-bright gold. Its eyes were a strange fel-fire green, however, and when it spoke to her, the voice was again familiar.

"Lena." His tone was gentle and warm.

She reached up to him and hugged him around his neck, and she felt his warm breath against her back.

"Climb on. I want to show you something."

So she slid up onto his back, and then he laughed softly as he called over his shoulder, "Hold on!"

And then...they were flying--flying through the night sky and the stars and the wind. The moon shone down brightly upon them both, seeming to laugh with them as they traveled through the heavens.

Breathless with delight, she heard herself saying to him, "It's beautiful, Xid. So beautiful..."

"I wanted you to see it," he said, "the way I see it." He seemed to be saying something more, but there were no other words.

As they traveled over the moon-bright lands, he showed her many wonderous sights. There were secrets in the land that could only be seen from sky, and he showed her them all. And then, as they were flying over the ocean--the moon's reflection carried across its waves below them--she felt a hand, trying to tug her away.

She paid it no mind at first, but then it was dragging her from Xid's back--dragging her into the darkness.

Suddenly, the maelstrom was swirling below them, a dark tentacled hand closing in around her. It pulled her from the lion's back, and they were separated.

"Xid!" she cried out, trying to reach for him. But it was too late.

The darkness had come once more.

And then she was a little girl again. There was the knock at the door.

When she opened it, she saw her parents, but their eyes were dead and soulless. Maggots crawled out of their mouths, and flies swarmed around them. Blood ran from precision knife slashes along their throats, drenching their bodies in thick, reddish-brown blotches.

"Come with us," they whispered, holding out their hands to her.

As one of the hands touched her, she cried out in fear, slamming the door closed in front of her. But there was nowhere else to go. There was nowhere to run.

She was trapped.

Everywhere she looked, she was trapped.

The pounding on the door grew louder, and she slowly backed up against the far back wall, watching the door. Watching and waiting and listening to that horrible, terrible pounding.

And then the door fell open ...and darkness awaited.

Closer and closer the darkness advanced, devouring everything within its wake--even the light, until it was upon her, swallowing her up as well.

Frantically she tried to escape, tugging and pulling and thrashing about until...

Lena woke up to find herself tangled up in a strange wool blanket, sweat soaking her forehead and clothes. She was breathing heavily, and the stars were still in the sky overhead. There was a soft breeze, and the blades of drying grass whispered as they clashed against one another.

A dream. It was just a dream.

Shivering, she pulled the blanket about her once more and lay her head back against the haystack where they'd made camp for the night.
Bump. 48 members of pure awesomeness. We -did- have 105 members... before we decided that we wanted to lean toward quality over quantity. So, we decided to boot every single Recruit we had. Before: 105. After: 42. Our old standards for Private is now our new standards for Recruit.

We are just finishing up a campaign against the Defias in Westfall, and on Sunday, we're moving out on a combined assault campaign with the Stormwind High Command, against the Forsaken. The plan truly is epic, is all I can say.

I'm not even focusing on recruiting anymore. Every once in a while I take a flight cricle through Westfall, Elwynn, Stormwind, Redridge, Duskwood, then back to Westfall, though, posting a recruitment ad in /y in every zone.

But that's it. I'm more focused on managing the guild, now. It truly is established already. And the upper ranks are -barely- starting to fill out. Feel free to click on "The Stormwind Army" under my character's name on this post, and look at the roster. We have me, my Colonel, 2 Lieutenants, 1 Master Sergeant, 1 Sergeant, 2 Master Corporals, and 1 Corporal. We have like, 5 Recruits, and the rest are Privates. Pure evidence of The Purge- which is what we call the removal of every single Recruit.

Anyway, yeah. I'm just managing the guild. And so... that's the update.

~Varlun Mulland, General of The Stormwind Army.
Clouds on the Horizon

She woke after barely three hours of sleep. Careful not to disturb Xidraxus, she pulled herself to her feet. The camp was fairly quiet, and the few sentries on duty merely gave her a quiet nod. She didn't mind the lack of formality, though. After all, she wasn't in uniform, and she probably looked like hell. Moving to her things, she pulled a comb from her pack and headed over toward the fence post and the tree where she'd tied off Galafrey.

The horse whickered at her as she approached, and a hand absently went out to brush over his nose as he pushed it toward her, trying to get to her shoulder as he always did--his own brand of affection. She smiled a little. "Couldn't sleep either, huh?" The horse stamped a hoof. She thought about taking a morning ride through the nearby prairie, but the Brotherhood would have people out, scouting them. She couldn't risk it. Giving the horse' s nose another gentle rub, she then turned her gaze toward the west--toward the sea.

The sun had barely poked its fingers past the forests of Duskwood to the east, and there was a line of clouds out on the horizon over the coast. They mirrored her own mood--sullen and gray.

Eras had killed a boy no older than herself--someone who probably knew less about the cause he fought for than she did. Grimgroth had stopped by at the Recluse the night before to let her know, and for that, she'd been grateful. She wasn't sure how she was going to deal with his drinking, yet, but she knew she'd have to do something.

And then there was Arteas Greenwell, returned from the dead and reunited with his family. She hadn't meant to feel a pang of jealousy, and yet, in spite of the happy occasion, she did. Why had the Light let some men return while others had to die? It had been plaguing her for the rest of the night, and though she put up a good front for the others, doing so had cost her more than she liked.

She'd barely been able to concentrate, though she'd noticed Arlen's pensive mood. She felt Fenham's need for reassurance, and though he probably didn't think she'd seen it, Raley's unease had penetrated her thoughts more than once. Even so, there was nothing she could do--send the colonel to his wife and son; it might be the last time he saw them. And Raley had retreated to his books, as he always did. And Fenham had just waited--like he always did. Of all of those she had come to know as her family, he was the one with whom she felt the closest.

Maybe it was the fact that they'd both lost their families. Maybe it was just that he was always there--pushing her, helping her, steadying her when she needed it.

But there were always more people who needed her. Stryker's pain was something she couldn't heal, and they both knew it. She understood now why he kept his distance, and she felt even worse for keeping hers from him. But there were too many things she still needed to figure out, and she imagined there were too many things he needed to figure out, too. She wanted to tell herself that they had time, but that grenade the other night had nearly been the end of it. Even so, ...she wasn't going to do something that might hurt him more. His scars still needed time to fade.

And then there was the General. She'd seen less and less of the draenei woman who had mysteriously appeared at his side a short while after they'd taken up residence at Westbrook. The last had been on their raid of Grom'gol in Stranglethorn. But even before that the woman had seemed distant. She realized, with chagrin, that she had never thanked her for healing her on the battlefield, and she was left to wonder if something had happened between her and the General--not that she wouldn't be happy to have her gone.

While the men joked about the General's lover behind their backs, she could sense that, like herself, there were many who were uncomfortable with her continued presence around him. Maybe it was just the unease of the past few days; maybe it was the distrust that had grown over the last week as they'd ruthlessly begun their campaign against those who had bombed Ridgepoint Tower. Whatever the case might be, they were all on edge, and the draenei woman had set them apart even further from their General.

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