*BUG* To Legion Hold Quest

Bug Report
It appears this quest will not complete in Shadowmoon Valley. I've used the crate where it needs to be used and it says it completed. But then it doesn't put up the ? to turn it in after. The quest still acts like I haven't completed it yet and it will be missing it's description. I have abandoned and redid it and it still performs the same thing =S

*Edit* It appears the quest does complete but the ? doesn't show on the map. Still tracks the quest like it wasn't completed but when you find the person you turn in the quest, he does have a ?, just doesn't show on the map.
Bump. Same problem here. Dropped it twice and still never fully completed, even though the yellow text popped on my screen and my quest log shows it as complete.

Above edit confirmed. As a second note, the quest turn-in option will be greyed out, but it will still be available to turn in.

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