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I wanted to buy a new computer... Few questions
1. What is a decent set of specs that will last me a year or so.
2. what is the best place to buy said computer parts and such
3. What is the ball park range of how much all of this will cost :D

Just look for your budget and build a computer according to the specs.
Buy on if it's available in your country.
CPU: Quad core 3.0ghz or better (AMD or Intel)
RAM: 4gb+ DDR3 (whatever speed the motherboard supports,1333mhz or better)
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1gb or Nvidia GTX 460 1gb or better. For higher end cards,maybe a ATI HD 6950 or 6970 2gb or a Nvidia GTX 570 or 580.
PSU: 600w or better 80+ certified
Motherboard: Depends on your needs. Just make sure it supports DDR3 memory and has a decent chipset (AMD 890GX/FX or Intel P67 for example). Look for SATA III 6.0gb/s support (SATA II 3.0gb/s at the bare minimum).
HDD: SATA III 6.0gb/s 500gb or larger (if your motherboard supports SATA III)

Shop at if you have access to it in your area. They have good deals.

You can build a nice mid-range gaming rig for ~$600 easy.

Wouldnt a SATA III only be useful for a SSD since standard HDD cant actually make use of the SATA III speed?

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