Logging into the game today

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I am unable to log in to the game; it is continually disconnecting me after I type in my password, goes to a page listing servers and than disconnects. I hope this will be fixed soon; thank you.
I am having the same Issue
same here, had some sorta little patch and now i cant log in, same issue as mani is having
I was playing the game, doing 2's, when out of no where the game just closes on me and tells me to download a patch.

After it downloaded every time I try to log in it takes me to server list, all the servers names are in red though. If I try to log in it disconnects me to login screen.
Same happens to me...
Same here . Using Windows 7
Same problem. I was playing wow got dc'ed and then downloaded a hotfix patch and then it wouldnt let me log in...
I got a small patch ... now saying v4.1.0.14007
Login, authenticatorate and then it gives me a server list. Everything is listed but all servers are red. I click on the top server, my main server. It gives a quick logging into server.. connected.. Disconnected.

Same problem and also running Windows 7.

Was playing. Got disconnected when switching to another toon. Told there was a hotfix. Applied hotfix. Waited for it to finish completely. Signed back in. Got a list of realms available, but any that I pick immediately disconnects me and puts me back at the user ID / password login screen.

Update: I'm back in now. Weird.
same here guys winxp x64. game version v4.1.0.14007
Got the same problem... :(
God this happning with all of us..................
I also cannot get in after downloading the patch. I go to the realms and pick mine and am automatically disconnected. It worked fine last night. Help please.
Same thing. Playing on Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Could we get a blue post on this one please? I finally got bored enough to go for an achieve lately that is on a 3 hour timer and now I missed my chance over this. I can always make it up later but would atleast like to know that the devs know of the issue and are working on it.
same issues ...downloaded small patch then took me to server list, all in red. try to connect then quickly disconnected

Working now :)
I repaired wow and all is good.
can login now and select my realm but stuck on the loading screen

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