Can't trade conquest for valor ?

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Why can't we do that ? I mean, I'm a casual pvp player and I am close to the point where I won't need conquests (because it's very easy to get now). You might ask me, why do you need valor then ? :) Sometimes I like to do heroics and I have all the justice gear I can get, I guess I want upgrades but I don't want to do 7 heroics per week...
And it's not like I don't like raids, I just don't have the time for it, but if it happens my guild needs me for a raid one night and I am free I'd love to join and do decent dps.
Don't do the work, don't get the benefits. The difference in time investment between doing some arenas up to conquest cap and raiding up to the valor cap is pretty significant.
I am not asking for the full set, but a way to spend my conquest... Like you said, it's a matter of investment. I still invest into the game but I don't get any new gear/rewards, I think blizzard should avoid that. I could invest my time only in raids and do no pvp at all, at some point I am not going to get a lot of new pve gear but I will be able to buy conquest gear. So 1 way is right but the other is not ?
By the way, if you're not a casual, you will have trouble understanding my point of view...
Like Nodokk said, time investment is too huge. Look at it this way.

2hour of arena time = conquest cap
2hour of raid or heroic gains less than 200 valor points.

There is simply no justification to convert conquest to valor, but there is a justification from valor to conquest.
Honor into JP can be done, at a reduced rate. Do the same for Conquest into VP.

And vise versa.
PvE rewards gear for success. PvP uses gear as the means to be able to achieve success.

You can PvE for PvP gear because the gear isn't the end point of it, the rating is. You can't PvP for PvE gear because the gear is the end reward, not the order you got the kill on your server.
@Sskzins. I completly disagree. PVE gear is not here only for rewards... Otherwise why did they introduce item lvl requirement for heroics ? And it's not only because of dungeon finder, you do need a certain gear lvl to kill some heroics/raid bosses. I have raided a lot in the past and I do agree pve takes more time investents to get epix, but getting full pvp geared with a rating < 1500 takes time too, if you are serious about PVP you're not goin to invest conquest points into PVE gear...

@Kenpaku 2hours or aren time per week = you are never goin to improve as a player and as a team. It takes time and weeks to get higher ratings, you end up playing just as much as raiding. For the people who only have the time to do 1 of them, you should still get good rewards after weeks of arenas. Raiders do get that treatment.

@Fiddlestyx this could be a solution
I agree with you Ajaxx. Keeping Unneeded points is pointless and makes it feel a waste of time. If Blizzard doesn't want players to convert them, then why not let players send them to other chars on their account, or atleast at a reduced rate. I don't know a single person that enjoys wasting time to get 1 or two pieces of PvE gear that you can get with the Conquest points that they have. Personally, I'm a hardcore PvP'r and I enjoy PvE too. I hate trying to grind heroics because sh1t always hits the fan and we end up wiping every group, which makes the experience for successful Valor/Justice Grind discouraging.

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