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Says to enter 10 digit serial number, when my phone gives me 14. Not sure how to proceed. gives US - xxxx - xxxx - xxxx
Oh, I see. You're trying to add a physical Authenticator, not the Mobile one. You want to follow this guide:
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Okay, here's my deal, i went to Security, went to Add a MOBILE authenticator, did all the right stuff, the app i downloaded from Google play store generated a 10 digit code. Again, the APP from my PHONE generated a 10 digit code.
The only ten digit code that the app generates is the Restore Code, which is a series of random letters and numbers with no dashes in between. The Serial is 14 digits starting with the two letters of your region in the following format XX-####-####-####. In order to restore an old Serial, you need both the Restore Code and Serial.

The only other code that the app generates is the rotating Authenticator Code which is 8 digits.

I believe the code you're looking at is the Restore Code. You can find the Serial by going to the MENU and selecting SETUP. If you need to reference your Restore Code, go to MENU -> SETUP, and then click CONTINUE at the bottom of the page.

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