Am I doing something wrong?

yeah,same issue. npc's do hardly any damage,and all of the sudden everyone healing for cenarius at all really. i tried 4 times on may 5th,started about 9 pm. kinda discouraging considering i took a break from wow to come back to something like this.....
Other quests I'd say which aren't working properly -

Alliance quest: "Full Circle" in Vashj'ir (did not get credit for "Secure Darkbreak Cove")
Twilights Highlands quest: "Blackout" - particularly on a warrior (either told "not enough rage", or "too far away").
Thanks Neth for your response. I just thought I'd pass along my experience with this (which was about an hour ago). I first went through the portal as feral and figured it would be an easy go but when the message came up that Cenarius needed healing nothing was happening and he was slowly pounded to death by Rag.

I then went in as resto and every time the message came up that Cenarius needed healing I would heal him. Because of the buff he gives you I was able to keep him topped off. The problem ended up being after maybe 4 or 5 fire wall phases everyone but Rag just upped and disappeared. And we had gotten Rag down to like 40%. Tried this twice but the same thing happened.

I know you guys will try your hardest to get it fixed, I just hope you do before the firelands stuff comes out. :P

I did this last night or the night before on my DK. When I arrived it was in-progress and as soon as I was in melee range of Rag he tore me a knew one.

I let it restart and tried again. I was watching my healing buff and it was there, I got close to Rag and took a big it and backed off, I was only getting healed a little more than 1k per tick. Then something changed and I was getting healed 13k per tick. Went back in and he started going down, then there was the emotes about the adds and I went over got one, and before I made it over to the other it flagged out as complete.

Not sure if that really adds much to the discussion but thought I'd through it out there. It is completable but not consistently so it seems.
Hiya Neth.

It's like the first blue post ever on Quest Forum. =)

I completed this quest at level when I was 81

It's a current issue people are having. It's not working correctly.

I was 81 two days ago. Not sure if thats close enough to be relevant. But thats the work around I figured out back at that time.
You know, it's funny. This quest was cake for the longest time. I completed it on probably five separate toons before doing it recently (my guess is two or three weeks ago) on a rogue alt.

Incidentally, a few other players happened to walk in before the fight actually started. That hadn't happened on any previous occasion, so I figured that had something to do with it. Interesting I should see it mentioned as a known issue now.

At any rate, I did manage to complete it after a few tries. It seems the buffs you receive from Cenarius (for the life of me, I don't recall the names, but bear with me here) were not applied the first and second time. I'm unsure as to why, but I was virtually one-shotted, and had to make several corpse runs mid-fight each time.

On the third attempt, confused, I waited a moment before attacking Ragnaros. To my surprise, I was buffed, and pulled much heavier damage/took much more healing than previously.

So I guess, out of that long-winded explanation, jumping right in mid-dialogue seemed to prevent Cenarius from applying the buffs, hence frequent death and depreciated damage. Longer fight = more damage to Cenarius = death to everyone.

Try holding off on DPSing Ragnaros for a few seconds after the dialogue ends. Once you're buffed, hit it... but no sooner.

Hope this helps.
In hindsight, that was probably irrelevant, as the issue has been established a matter of NPC damage. Still, I feel it worth mentioning.
I did this last night or the night before on my DK. When I arrived it was in-progress and as soon as I was in melee range of Rag he tore me a knew one.

Pretty much the same happened to my level 85 DK on patch day. Rag was at 60% give or take, the fight was in progress when I got there. The firewall was hitting just as I got there. I avoided it, kill the left side adds, just as I got to the right side adds, Rag hit me for 500k.

Went back in, there was another player that joined up. We started the event. each took adds on our own side after flamewall, and stopped Rag before the 2nd set of adds came up.
Ah, phooey. Wish I had read this before I tried, unsuccessfully, a few times. Just thought I kept doing something wrong.
As of 22:00 ( EST ) it still seems to not be functioning correctly.

You guys car remove the four death's from my stats profile?
Seems fair ... ( grin )


lol once you start raiding those 4 deaths will be a drop of water in an ocean of BLOOOD
Man i wish i had read this before trying multiple times, though one time it said Cenarius had died though he was still there and fighting
Still not working for me may 6th. this wasn't broken last time i did it. what changed? Lets get this fixed please!
I tried it on May 4th and was surprised by the call by Cenarius for heals... I killed the adds, threw him a heal (though it said it healed for 120k, it didn't actually heal him). I started to dps and got the fire lord to 30% when everyone disappeared. This is THE ONLY quest I have left in the entire zone... sucks that it is bugged.
05/05/2011 03:18 PMPosted by Nethaera
After speaking with the development team, we were able to confirm that The Firelord quest is not functioning as intended. We're currently working on a fix, though I can't provide an eta for when this will be corrected. Should we be able to provide the fix via hotfix, we will.
/roflmao as... the hotfix notes said you fixed it already xD
Quick update, a hotfix was applied to The Firelord quest this morning which should make it possible to complete this quest again. We'll keep an eye out for any further issues.
Hello Nethaera,

I just tried this quest, The Firelord, again and was met with the same result.
Barely got him to half when Cenarius is killed. We are then dispatched fairly quickly.

These deaths are starting to add up a bit ...

Thank you.
I have completed this quest before on various alts without problem, now I'm trying it on my paladin and unable to complete it. The blue said it was fixed this morning, but it's still not working, I never get hit by firewall, I always kill adds, I just can't do enough damage to either kill rag before Cenarius dies, or when I try to heal it doesn't even do half a percent (including lay on hands) Super frustrating, since I've tried it like 8 different times.
Just tried this on my level 82 shammy with a guildie's level 81 priest and we're having the same problem. Cenarius isn't making a dent in him at all, and then the quests bugs out, resets and says, "1:50 until the battle begins". Happened a few times.
Tried this on my spriest, level 81, with a shammy. It didn't work. Cenarius died without making a dent in him. Looked up tactics and tried again. Adds weren't an issue this time. We also constantly healed Cenarius throughout. Cenarius died again.

Switched specs to discipline. Shammy focused on adds. I focused solely on healing tank!Cenarius. Cenarius didn't die this time, yay!

Cenarius disappeared, taking his posse with him when Ragnoros hit 50%, boo.

More yay. Less boo. That'd be nice.

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