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Hey all, wondering if someone might shed some light on a problem I'm having with the blizzard store - that being whenever I try to purchase something I'm getting this error:

"There has been an error processing your request.Please verify that the information you entered matches what appears on your credit card. "

Now there's a couple problems I can think of right off the bat..

It's an American Express Gift Card 25 Dollar value.

The number format is :
1234 123456 12345

then obviously the expiry date, and the CCV or w/e 3 digit code on the back.

All of this is entered properly, the card is active and has enough balance for my purchase... so does the Blizzard Store just not accept American Express gift cards? I've used Visa and Master Card ones before and they work with no problems. This is kinda frustrating and I really want a Hippogryph Hatchlin' D:

So if someone knows, let me know!

Possibly working on a issue where people having been getting overcharged. I got charged 3 times for a faction xfrer the other day and the rep. said others have had a similar issue.
IIRc, i had this problem once. The AE cards have a different spot where the # is. It's the 4 digit # on the front or something. (there should be a thing, when you're entering a card, that says "what is this?" and it'll show a pic).

Also had to call in and get my name/zipcode attached to it.

I forget which one exactly caused the problems, but i do remember it was b/c it was an american express card. I've never had issues with Visa (prepaid cards or not). I'd recomend just grabbing a visa gift card, if you dont mind the extra fee/hassle.

@guy above me:

If you spam the button (Because it looks like it didnt go through),it'll show up multiple times, but, should only charge you once.
I used to have this problem and i tried a different internet browser and suprisingly it fixed itself.
I read your post and that info is correct. It is true that their code is on the front and is four letters long. That is probably the problem vs. the sulotion that I typed. So OP, if you are looking for sulotions, the guy I quoted most likely just answered your problem. If not, then look at your funds and check for any card locks.

Yeah,my AE card has a 3 digit # on the back in the same spot as a normal card, it makes it hella confusing. ><
[quote]Also had to call in and get my name/zipcode attached to it.

This may be the issue. Most of the time, the prepaid gift cards (Whether it's MC, Visa, or AE) won't work until you register them. There should be a website for the card where you can check your balance. On that website, there should be an option to register it. It'll ask for basic info. Name, address, zip code. Visa Gift Cards only ask for your zip code, so it may be the same for AE. I'm not sure... never tried AE gift cards. Give this a shot and you might have better luck.

Had a second thought. You're trying to use a gift card with a $25 balance. The hatchling is $24.99. A lot of online systems charge the card $1.00 before going through with the actual purchase, to verify it's a legit card. Or, there may be tax that's putting the cost over the $25.00 mark.

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