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Ok im told we can now send BOA gear to our toons on diffrent servers , how is this done anyone know?
You can't yet. Blizzard wants to support that, but currently moving BOAs is based on the mail system with the addition that you can mail cross faction on the same server.
You can send BoA Items to other accounts on the same account, but cross-server mailing hasn't been implemented.. yet.

Currently, the only way to send a BoA item to the other faction is to perform a Faction Change.
05/04/2011 10:32 PMPosted by Cumquat
ty :( I guess it was talked about and people assumed it was added i have no free xp lol

The patch notes for 4.1, that introduced Bind on account, were misinterpreted to mean it included Cross-Realm as well. Unfortunately, while our Developers want to include that feature, it is not yet possible. They have done Cross-Faction and Cross-Wow account on same so far, so we're getting closer. :D

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