What is your favorite pokemon?

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Absol here.

I love the way it looks, combining aspects of both beauty and mystery to it. Not to mention that I love that it's the Disaster Pokemon, I.E. you see one, you know @*!! is about to go down. Or rather, that's the PokeDex entry. I wish they could've added a Disaster Special Ability for it that whenever it goes into battle, something completely random would occur.

My current Absol, Lucielle, is an absolute beast. Super Luck ability, combined with Scope Lens and a Lonely Nature and Night Slash or Psycho Cut means I get a Critical Hit almost every other time. Only downside is she's a bit of a glass cannon. But she's my favorite, through and through.
My favorites, by far, are Charmander, Sandshrew, and Articuno.
Koffing by far and Ninetails.
Omastar, I named mine Yogg-Saron
Jolteon <3
Also Jolteon.

Love that little speed demon.

Still have my Ruby starter that I transfered to like seven diefferent games. Plus with its Dreamwolrd ability, he has become a game breaker.
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And I like how most named here are from Gen 1 - 2
Jigglypuff! <3
Any of the pokemon in Kanto or Johto.

Most favorite would be charizard or jolteon.
Meowth, that's right!
bulbasaur :3
Hydreigon. I mean, look at that dude. LOOK AT HIM

Umbreon and Flygon come close.
Sidenote: I'm closing in on finishing my 'Living 5th Generation National Pokedex'

Yep. All 646 of the little buggers, and all legit.

Yep. Huge waste of time.

(Fav = Spiritomb.)
Abomasnow =3

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