What is your favorite pokemon?

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NO ONE said Snorlax? you cant be serious.

Charizard obivously.
05/05/2011 07:41 PMPosted by Russo
Idk why but, playing through crystal got me really hooked on Houndoom. <3
Three way tie between Alakazam, Haunter, and Tryannitar.
I do believe, this is the place for me!
Inspect my stables and thou shalt see!
Charmander because he is cute :3
05/20/2011 11:04 PMPosted by Zasus
Charizard obivously.

I facerolled every battle in Red with Charizard alone. So yes. XD
I already voted for Dunsparce, but I just have to say that anyone who thinks that the new pokemon are stupid just doesn't know anything about anything. The games have improved tenfold. The new pokemon are just as innovative, cool, unique and personable as any of the old ones, many of them more so. Tell me any gen 5 pokemon that you think is stupid, gimmicky or uncreative and i'll show you a gen 1 pokemon that is doubly so.

Gen 4, however, was awful. I pretend it didn't happen.
05/05/2011 08:16 PMPosted by Zenguru
05/14/2011 06:53 PMPosted by Zabúsa
whats better then a Charizard?

05/20/2011 11:04 PMPosted by Zasus
Charizard obivously.

05/06/2011 12:13 PMPosted by Kaiju
This thread's Charizard levels are dangerously low.

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