What is your favorite pokemon?

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Mewtwo is the evolved form of Mew. !@#$.
jolteon, now and forever
05/05/2011 07:41 PMPosted by Russo
Squirtle... Cuz he's the only Pokemon cool enough to rock a pair of shades (Squirtle Squad)
Anything from Generation 1.

Sneasel & Weavile

(I have a Gnome Rogue called "Sneasel")
The correct answer is Sunkern.

Look at those godly stats. 30-30-30-30-30-30!
Despair as my Sunkern, Feebas, Magikarp, Weedle and Caterpie pwn you
Swampert is the only answer >.>
Take a guess.

missingno - amidoinitrite?

My favorite red pokemon (the only one I played I think) was my Charizard. That guy could kill just about anythingin one hit, but I think I started having problems with him not doing what I told him to or something
Got my Pokemon Blue version for Christmas when it was released waaaaay back then. I had to wait for Christmas because I was also asking for a Gameboy Color. Four months before December 25, I read my Pokemon Red/Blue strategy guide every night before bed.

I was a die hard Pokemon fan even before I had the game! Every night, I looked at the one Pokemon I literally had dreams of training: Slowpoke.

So there is your answer, Slowpoke.
Eevee and all subsequent evolutions. Especially flareon and leafeon.

It was always my goal to have an entirely eevolution team. Sadly I never accomplished that goal.
Kabutops and Umbreon
Got two and there from the classic age. Articuno and Charizard. FIR AND ICE ALL THE WAY!!!

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