Your characters weakness or guilty pleasure?

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Felory, being a Blood Elf, still feels the craving for Fel magic. She hates her family because they could not handle their addiction to Fel so she sates this craving through meditation (and occasionally eating and drinking). She loves Honey Mead, or any sweet drink, and salty foods. She gets hungry really fast so if you offer her food when she's hungry you can get more out of her than you would otherwise. If you offer her both..... =O

Jacgo, being a bounty hunter/Forsaken, has a dark, horrible past that he shares with no one but his closest friends, he has many secrets and has seen many things in his past (Such as the battle of Quel'Thalas) and was transformed into Scourge after being killed on the battlefield, he controls himself by hunting down his targets and drinking often while trying to meet new people, you could say he's a very "Happy" Undead. He never gets hungry and rarely gets tired at all, and HATES being Undead.
Tzarmina is OBSESSED with fine fabrics. She has an entire wardrobe of clothes and will pretty much do anything to get more. She isn't vain, but although BE's aren't really supposed to be into their looks or anything, she just enjoys changing her appearance often and wearing fine clothes.

She also has a tendency to think well of other BE Warlocks/Shadow Priests before she has even met them.
Camad is what some would call a reveler, while others would call him an alchoholic, addict, or bar-bum. According to one dwarf, who left the bar a few teeth short, Camad needs to "Lay off the pints, you big blue wierdo". He also has no real sense of restraint, and will commonly use deadly magics in bar fights. He even once got so drunk he wandered from Booty Bay to the Thandol Span, and then fell off the bridge and into the raging river below, He was quickly washed out to sea and, being sobered by the fall, had to swim back to shore.
With Low it's fine liquor and even finer tobacco.

But the biggest of all's probably a dice game or a game of cards. She just can't resist either.
Sex. And lots of it.
Kiréa's weaknesses are salty/sweet treats (even better if it's both at the same time, like yogurt-covered pretzels) and Blood/High Elf men.
Since beer is more of a way of life than a weakness for Dwarves...Sig's guilty pleasure is girly drinks.
05/06/2011 04:29 AMPosted by Dzivah
Sex. And lots of it.

/shame face
Bondage. >:3
Eating them, that is.
Gabriel Nitefyre weakness is children. He can go full snarling Worgen and they just look at him and smile. Its like they see right though all fur, fang and teeth and see the big softy he is on the inside. Darn kids don't they he has a rep to hold up.
Belf women. Donn can't seem to get enough of them.
cant say. thread will explode
Fine clothing, chocolate, and sex. Oh, and she has a thing for Human, Night Elf, and Blood Elf men too.
Sidereusa likes... skinning things.
Everything. Anything.
Sven's weakness would be killing undead. Anytime he sees them, he just can't resist the urge to run up and chop them up.

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