Potion/Elixir/Transmutation Master?

For alchemists, I was wondering what the best route is, for the purpose of making gold. I would assume that an Elixir master would be generally accepted as it has a higher proc rate for flasks, which everyone needs. But I'm a new Alchemist and I need some input.
Since the masterys can be switched by just paying gold, you're not locked in. I like making my own flasks for myself so been elixir master since BC. But had to make a gob of Truegold for my vial mount so switched to transmute for a while.

I think the transmute master quest was the easiest to do - without doing instances. Kind of a moot point since you can solo-roflpwn anything in Outland. And making primal might may be tougher nowadays with mat shortages. You can make your own choice according to your realm economy.

First of all the proc rate for all masteries is the same ~15% procs ~20% extra production. The only reason transmute appears to have a lower rate is due to the 24 hour cooldown on some recipes.

For the purposes of money making transmute is probably the best, for the moment. focus on using volatile elements to transmute VL to VA. only problem is that this is the only consistently profitable transmute at the moment and that can change if too many jump on the bandwagon.

Elixir mastery is weak right now, because of the guild achievement "mix master" (guilds making their own flasks to get the achievement) and the reward from that achievement the cauldron of battle (put in four flasks get seven or ten [depending on guild level]). So there is an abundance of supply and a decrease in demand.

Potion mastery has been weak since TBC and the implementation of one potion per combat, but there are usually niche markets out there. in Wrath, potions of haste sold like crazy. Similarly you have strength, agility, and intellect potions in Cataclysm

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