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I was in Eye of the Storm BG today and was helping a guildie get the last orphan achieve where you capture the flag. In fact, it's her very last achieve before completing the whole Long Strange Trip achieve. Well, some guy (Alliance guy) took exception to the fact we were trying to get a holiday achievement and grabbed the flag and hid. He would not capture it despite our urgings. He kept taunting us in fact. Ultimately he lost us the whole battle. I get it that for serious BGers these achieves might be annoying. But it happens once a year.

Is there any way to force a flag drop or something if that ever happens? Seems strange that someone can grab a flag and just keep it the whole time.
I've had several Ironman achievements ninja'd from me this way after expressing interest in acquiring it. Your best bet is to not give the trolls ideas.
Report it. That kind of nonparticipation and trouble making can get him actioned, especially if he was dumb enough to say it in chat.
You can't force them to drop the flag but you can report them for griefing
Aaaaaaaaand THIS is why I hate the School of Hard Knocks and feel PVP achievments have no place in what is essentially a PVE goal. It has nothing to do with it being hard or difficult for non-PVPers. It has everything to do with the high level of d-baggery that it provokes from people. This is a holiday for god's sake. It SHOULD be promoting cooperation. But I find most of the holidays are every man for themselves anyway, so why should this be any different, right?

I completed mine. It wasn't that hard. But I know people that won't be able to do it, because they lack some of the specific skill sets or thick skin required. And that's a shame. It's a shame that something that is, lets face it, a PVE achievment (the meta) has to be mired like this.

I know Blizzard won't remove it, and I am not asking them to do so per se. I just wish they would re-think it a little bit. I know achievements aren't supposed to be simple. But they don't need to be that stressful for so many either.
Can't you use Hand of Protection on them forcing a flag drop? Or does that not work?
Ya, in no way was the fact you were soooooooooo intent on making him drop the flag just for your achievement part of the outcome of that loss.

If the flag didn't exist, you could still win the battle.
Part of me says its reportable because its non participation, but part of me thinks it might be valid, really he wants to win, if the only way to win is to force people to cap the towers and force them to ignore the flag I wouldnt hold it against him.

That stupid flag has lost more battles than it has ever won.
Anyone who's read any of my posts knows I'm all for School of Hard Knocks. I think it gives players a chance to try something they never would have before. That being said, this guy was a total jerk. Keep trying and if someone does that again report them.
05/05/2011 10:36 PMPosted by Hugie
I've had several Ironman achievements ninja'd from me this way after expressing interest in acquiring it. Your best bet is to not give the trolls ideas.

It's easier to get iron man in lower bgs

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