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I recently bought a mottled drake, filled in the details on the redeem code page, and tried putting the code into the game, only to be met with "this code is not recognized".

After some running around, i think what may have happened is that i am actually on the North American region, and i redeemed it on the European region.

This made little sense to me, as Australia is normally considered European for some reason. We always get the European versions of games.

On top of this, i am on the Oceanic, not American, server list, which is what i thought the region was in the first place. Again, assuming Oceanic would be listed under European, it seemed like i should have selected European when redeeming the item.

What doesn't help, is having the same server names. When i selected European, and found my server name, i was quite confident i had found the right details for my account.

Now i am stuck being unable to redeem the item, and blizzard support is closed for the next 12 hours or so.

Is there any administrator or GM on here who would be able to help me with this problem?
Nope. You'd have to contact Billing.

And... caveat emptor; you probably should have done a quick google search to confirm your realm details.
"buyer beware" isn't really applicable in this case, but i get your point.

thanks anyway.
Oceanic is based off of American servers. Try there.
The issue is that the code cannot be used on the American region once used on the European one.

Im hoping that its a simple "tick a box" type scenario for someone in billing to do, but again, blizzard support is closed for a fair while.

Again, seems silly that there is no in-game way to tell your region, seems logical that the progression of selections in-game would be the same as needed on the website.

Nonetheless, a warning would suffice. The only one on the website says that you only get one item for one character, so make sure you redeem it on the right one in-game. It doesn't say "MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT REGION SELECTED. THE DIFFERENT REGIONS HAVE THE SAME SERVER NAMES, AND THE ITEM CAN ONLY EVER BE REDEEMED ON ONE REGION", which would have been nice to know.

Hopefully, blizzard will be able to help, as they have been in the past.
I'm having the same problem with the pre-paid 60 day game card I try to redeem it but it says it does not exist, please help someone.

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