fastest way to lvl from 80-85

assuming you quest as much as possible, while doing the dungeons around that. arms or prot? as prot can you solo groups of mobs with ease still?
80-82 hyjal or vashjir as per preference, hop to stonecore immediately at 82, follow the quest line with the stone dwarves that leads to the blue axe, hepls a lot.
hop to Uldum at 83, then highlands at 84.

Keeping on moving ensures that you're always getting the quests with the best rewards and fighting the highest level mobs.

Idk about prot the damage starts to taper down at higher levels. I'd stick with arms for more consistent damage.
ty :]
Vasjir is a pain in the arse, might wanna do 80-82 Hyjal. Speically since the quests in hyjal are amazing and because vasjir is annoying for melee. After that 83 on Deepholm. 84 on Uldum. 85 Twilight Highlands.

Its faster if you dont do dungeons, they give good xp but take a really long time. Comparatively questing is faster.

Lvl as Arms, use the Victory Rush glyphs and you can basically faceroll quests. Specially with SS+Bladestorm killing anything in aoe.
I levelled this character as Prot when Cata came out. It's doable, but fighting mobs gets rather annoying with how long it takes to down them. You'll probably never die as Prot, but Arms will take down mobs faster.
I just finished leveling is Fury. It was pretty easy, especially once I got colossus smash. Unglyphed victory rush kept my health up, and I could pretty much solo any elites. Prot was terrible, things dies really slowly, and over the course of the fight I was taking as much damage as I did fury. Prot may be better for groups, but you don't fight many groups. I havent tried arms, but the only problem I had as fury was very minor threat starvation, which I hear is a non-issue as arms. Fury is definitely viable though.

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