4.1 Zul'Aman Bear Run Guide!

Hello! This is the first guide I have made. With the reintroduction to Zul'Aman and the Bear Run I felt it was a fun idea to create this video guide. I would very much appreciate criticism or comments!

A little info on this video:
1) Travel time is sped up.
2) Combat is in real time!
3) Flasks and Potions are not used.
4) Captions and tips are inserted throughout the video.
5) This is not our fastest kill. It is perhaps our slowest kill so far!

Video Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNcErxIBIv0

Since 4.1 released our guild has attained about 15-18 Bears. We did not use the mass rez spell ever and only obtained our bears legit. Many videos up for this bear run possess extremely high dps, optimal group compositions, and/or non-optimal pulls and routes. I do not claim this video to be the ultimate guide. There may be more optimal ways of kill orders. However, this is what we've found to be extremely successful. This may be useless to "pro" players. However, this was made for the average player to learn how to succeed in a realistic manner.

Again, we are not running an optimal composition. We do not use Potions and Flasks. We also are not running full 372 gear. This video is a demonstration that the ZA Bear Runs are obtainable by players with moderate gear levels.

Thank you for your time and please let me know what you think.

I hope that this guide is useful to someone.
Excellent guide, Zombi. The video was put together quite well. Good selection of music, too.

It's always interesting to see how other guilds run this.
yeah.... ran it till 5 am getting 5 of us bears..... worth it though. after raiding tonight, bear train in org!!!! i liked the guide.
Zombi 4 prez
Great video! :D

could i plz get a list of all the Mods that you use?, quite intrested in that enemy cast bar one.

Excellent video. Highlighted everywhere for me where I was wasting time on individual pulls - I'll give this a spin later and see how it turns out.

Also, superb music choices. Really sets (and maintains) the atmosphere for your guide.

Edit: Just gave your method a shot. Result was a bear from our first attempt :) Came in with a minute to spare, which doesn't seem too bad given the silly BM hunter did most of the dragonhawk trash without a pet by accident.

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