BoA Gear for lock

After playing every other class, I've finally decided to make a lock. So far I have The heirloom shoulders, chest, staff, and trinkets. A little bit about me: I can quest grind for a while without getting bored, I like to pvp especially when there's a call to arms, and I love being top dps in instances. With all of these in mind I'm wondering if its worth it getting the helm and cape as well. I'm 4.5k rep from being honored with my guild so not only do I have to farm for gold, but I'm going to have to get guild rep for this week and next week to buy the rest of the BoA. To anybody that has full BoA, your comments would be appreciated moreso, but ill take advice from anyone that can prove their point. My main question is: As a warlock, will I be able to perform well with what I have now or will the cape and helm make a huge difference?
It shouldn't make too much of a difference stat-wise, but the little experience boosts are great.
It's two additional slots you won't have to worry about finding upgrades for.

Also, imagine the time it took you to go 80-85, and then make it 10% faster (from the heirlooms alone, forget the guild perks at the moment). Yeah. Awesome.

I have full BoAs for my alts (except for the trinks, which don't have +exp anyway... I'd rather buy more +exp gear for other alts than the trinks) and it's great. Definitely recommend the helm and the cloak.

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