Best On-line FPS ever?

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Shazbot. My favorite are the Tribes/Tribes 2 series. I've never seen anything else come close to their depth and balance. Tribes 2 hit 10 years old back in March. Still lots of fun to play.

I almost cried when I saw: (fan video, low rez T2 game footage, but good inception music :P)

Hopefully they will do the series justice.
I just think Valve does phenominal work. TF2 is an amazing class based multiplayer game that remains mostly balanced despite being out for so long. Half-Life is a great story based multiplayer with puzzles, action, and characters all mixed together in good amounts.
Team Fortress 2 is pretty amazing. I also love Left 4 Dead. And there's a special place in my heart for Battlefield: Bad Company

and of course.... inb4 Call of Duty -.-
Definitely CoD4 or CSS for the most popular / competitive games.

TF2 and L4D are good for a bit of fun here and there. It's a shame they've kind of died off, people don't really seem to talk about them much anymore.
I'm a big fan of counter strike, the user made content makes it really hard for the game to get old.
CS:S Dust2 all day, erry day..Until the servers come back up.
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CS:S Dust2 all day, erry day..Until the servers come back up.

Office 24/7!

And crackhouse DM

And zombie escape :)
I played TF2 for a long while. It had a great mix of casual and hardcore gameplay. You didn't have to be a headshot god to enjoy the game. You maybe couldn't dominate the scoreboard, but you still felt helpful. But now I feel like the items have just gotten out of hand. There's a little too much customization, to the point where the original feel and diversity of the game has gotten lost. I haven't touched the game in months. Regardless, it's still a good game, and has definitely left its mark on the gaming community.
I think Quake 3 had the biggest impact, but the best game will change a lot going through time.
Battlefield 2

I also played alot of Black Hawk Down
Counter-Strike 1.6/1.5. I'll always remember that game. Yes Source was the same game with updated game engine but it doesn't have the same feel. I'll always remember that game.

2. Battlefield 1942/ Battlefield 2
CS 1.6....Nothing better FPS wise. that game/version will always be epic.

Clan Pinoy! FTW! ill always remember the skrim days & being screamed at in Tagalog.
The one that got me into FPS will always be my favorite...Unreal Tournament.
And for those that played UT...yes my guild here is that =DTM= clan from UT.

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