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So i would like to start watching dexter but xfinity only offers 12 episodes i want to watch it all the way through is there a site LEGAL site to do this
Netflix has the first two seasons and is free for the first month. Enjoy.
how many seasons are there?
Five, but the fifth one isn't on DVD yet.
Here is a real life spoiler alert about how Dexter came to be.

If not for this song Dexter my serial killer would have never been created by me.

The songs name is sung by Clint Holmes - Playground of my mind.

For over 27 years my serial killer never had a name.
Jeff Lindsay did not name him Dexter and I did not name him Dexter.

It was some tool on a website dedicated to new TV show ideas that thought Dexter
would be a fitting name for my serial killer.

Oh and yes that big dummy got the name from Dexter's Laboratory.

This fiasco happened in 1997. Jeff Lindsay back then asked for my real name just in case if Dexter ever did become famous but in the end decided to brag about taking him from me.

I am not trolling you guys and the above is the truth and will go to my grave telling the above truth. I spoke with a lawyer on june 10th and he said because I spoke with him that I now have invoked the statute of limitations.

I do not want this court case to be private. No closed door deliberation.
I will show the world and know him for who he really is for IP theft.
I will agree in court he is an author of the dexter series books but he did not create Dexter.

With the above now known please ask away any questions regarding Dexter and how I really wanted him to be flshed out.

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