LF Raiding guild!

BUMP! :)
I suggest you apply to a guild of your choosing instead of attempt the free agent approach when you don't have any known raiding experience.
Anyone interested? :((((
You won't kill anything on Alliance side, but I'm sure there are some other perks to being on the losing team. Best of luck!
<< Half Minute Hereos >>

Looking for a Weekend raiding guild but cant seem to find one? Do you have alts who are looking to get into a raid spot and not yet found one? Are you new to end game content and cant find a guild that will take the time run you through the basics. Welcome to Half Minute Heroes. We are a group of experienced players (since vanilla) and have never have taken the fun and competitiveness out of the game. We run raids for the sole purpose of enjoying the moment and progression. Are you one of those people who cant get into any raid group cause there is no spot for you? Are you tired of failing pugs where no one knows what the hell they are doing. We take the liberty to show you step by step how an encounter can be handled without the fuss and aggravation, and are almost guaranteed a spot in our weekly raids.

We understand everyone (hopefully) as RL outisde this game, and are only available certain times. Therefore our raid times are set Fri, Sat, and picking up Sun, or Mon night from 10pm - 2pm eastern time. Plenty of time to put the kids to bed, and early enough to function the next day. We also use Team Speak 3 as a prefered way of raid communication. We are currently seeking out all playable roles for our 2nd progression group, and are looking for raid ready heals and range for our core 1 group. And as always, there is always room for alts. As we do like mass #s in our guild, we are not interested in overpopulating with non consistency. Therefore we are restricting levelers who are not serious in planning on end game.

Thank you for taking the time in reading my post. If you have any questions please dont hesistate in letting me know. We look forward to many of your applications in the future.
bump :)
Dang this is old! BUMP THIS !@#$! Ya boy wants to raid :)
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You won't kill anything on Alliance side, but I'm sure there are some other perks to being on the losing team. Best of luck!



"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"
Hey Hug,

I'm part of a 25 man raiding guild <Advent>, that just transferred to this server and we are currently looking for dps and healers to fill our ranks. We are 16/16 normal and 2/16 heroics. Our raid days are Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday from 7pm to 11pm server time. If you are interested in joining I'd advise you to visit our website www.wowadventguild.com to get to know us a little better and put in an application for us to look over. Also feel free to pst me, Rynmoren, Ayrii or Kairei in game for any questions.
hug it me up if u havent found a grp yet

add me: roullette#1972

I am looking for MOLL-E.

I've been searching everywhere and I can't seem to find MOLL-E.
Hey Hug, checkout SeverityGaming.com or contact me in game :)
bump for 5.4 pls :)
Hey hit me up in game!
yo lets talk, i need a ret pally, fri/sat nights 9pm-12am EDT


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