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Oh Hai!

The Windowless Van

3/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6 Reg Heart of Fear
4/4 Reg Terrace of Endless Spring

Social: If you're looking for a home with active PvE content we can provide that. We may be a 10man guild but we have people online all the time running old content or working on guild achievements. We're also looking for people to help us fill out the "Classy" guild acheivements, contact Dcups if interested.

Casual: If you're looking for a casual raid environment that still pushes to clear content within a strict timeframe we have a Saturday Alt/pug run at 8-11EST. This is something were aiming to restart in November.

Raiding: We are currently looking for an exceptional priest, mage or warlock (MINIMUM 6/6 MV) who is interested in a 10man format. We have 12 players currently vying for the main group, therefore we rotate individuals based upon boss mechanics and loot distribution. Your application should represent your best foot forward. Please don't mention that "I'll gem and enchant when I get spot" because that won't fly.

DPS - Warlock, mage, ele shaman
Tank - Paladin, Warrior, DK
Healer - Priest, shaman, Paladin

Raid times are:
Tuesday 7:45 - 11:00 pm EST
Thursday 7:45 - 11:00 pm EST
Sunday 7:45 - 11:00 pm EST

What we expect:
- As close to 100% raid attendence as possible. We understand that people do have real lives, if you can't make it, post on the forums ahead of time.

- Proper Enchants and gems, reputations where it counts.
- Proper professions for any/all bonuses for PvE content.
- Faction reputations with any groups that provide gear/patterns/etc... of value.
- Knowledge of your class. Not just basics, keep up to date with the latest theorycrafting.

What you can expect from us:

- Laid back raid environment to kill bosses in. We're all friends.
- Raiders are provided flasks and buff food as well as gems, enchants and crafted items are provided at the guilds expense.
- Boss strats in detail. We have several people who comb websites and filter WoLs to design strategies around our raid composition. We're very detail oriented.
- Very adult vent conversation. Don't apply if you're offended by foul language.

If this sounds like an environment you can see yourself raiding in, drop an application at the guild website or hit up Anikka / Surgical in game. If neither of us are online, chances are we're on an alt, just ask around.
Or you can apply at: http://http://twv.wowstead.com/
Bump and updated recruitment
Male Draenei Priest.
Dear tanks (warr/druid/dk), we love you and would really like you to come join us for sexyfuntime. If you'd like to become bffs forever whisper/mail me in game. <3
Looking for more dps (boom/lock/rogue pref) interested in raiding current content.
bump for an amazing group of peeps... even though surgical is challenged... <_<
I thought you had higher standards Psy.
I can join on my healer, but i won't be able to hear you on vent and i don't speak engrish that well. Also, only let me heal tanks on baleroc, I wouldn't want my job to be challenging at all.
Slash, you know you can't handle my Hotnuts..........updated.
Only with KY and pie =)
07/08/2011 10:30 PMPosted by Slashgnr
Only with KY and pie =)

Rogue reporting in, I don't know how my current guild would feel about it though. They're really pushy people.
Recruitment is back on baby!
:O I'm getting replaced!!!
08/26/2011 12:27 PMPosted by Pollinate
:O I'm getting replaced!!!

But but but but you love offspeccing Ret don't you???? :)

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