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Saved your asses again. ;-) Keep up the great work!
5/6 now :)
bump for 6/6
New recruitment needs:

We are currently looking for an exceptional shadow priest, mage or warlock (MINIMUM 6/6 MV) who is interested in a 10man format. We have 12 players currently vying for the main group, therefore we rotate individuals based upon boss mechanics and loot distribution. Your application should accurately represent you and your character as first impressions have a major impact on acceptance. Ensure that your gear is optimized to the best of your abilities.

-Mage (high)
-Warlock (medium)
-Shadow priest (medium)
I got no pick up lines, I stay on my grind.
I tell the kids all the time, GET IN MY VAN.
-Mage (high)
-Warlock (medium)
-Shadow priest (medium)
-Ele shaman (medium)
-Enhance shaman (medium)
-Rogue (medium)

So I did this thing last night....I looked for a pug in /2. Only guy who responded was this really good shadow priest...props to Jakegylnheal, good player. But it would be nice to have a permanent raider because /2 is just full of....well nothing actually. Widened recruitment in the hopes of finding someone out there...somewhere...
Still looking!
Still recruiting, bumpity bump!
i've always been a pretty big defender of the big purple bubble, but after cancelling yet another week of raiding last night, i was a tad distraught at having only a single raid week this entire xpac.

so i went on guildox: http://www.guildox.com/go/g.asp?a=11&w=US&l=EN

I bring that up because, Dalaran by "progression" is actually a top "50" raiding server in the US but take a look at Lvl 90 Pop...Dalaran has a 5416 total. Compare that to the top 15 "progressed servers"; they double that number (at a minimum) with the really progressed servers tripling that number.

I was pretty surprised by that.

I'm not sure how that information explicitly contributes to your recruitment post, but i think it does suggest why it's so difficult to raid week in and week out.
I have a few thoughts on those numbers Cana. First of all, I have no idea why Guildox ranks Dalaran so high compared to wowprogress, my only thought is that it puts far less emphasis on end bosses killed and instead focuses on total bosses killed, which isn't a system I agree with. According to wowprogress we're around 117. As far as the number of characters at 90 goes, that's easily explainable. Before Dalaran was marked as a "New player server", we were always a medium pop server; we've never had a huge population at max level, but our numbers are being inflated by all the new players being pushed onto our realm.

And on the subject of recruitment (CMR has had the same issue all expac), I'll say the same thing I've been saying about Dalaran for years; we have too many guilds. There are a lot of guilds on the server with 2-3 fantastic players, and if those players figured it out and merged, the server would be a lot better off. If the talent somehow coalesced, we would have a lot more guilds with multiple heroic kills, and fewer guilds struggling to finish normals.

But anyways, free bump for <WV>, go raid with these people.
Thanks Baretaank! Always good to see you around in game or on the forums.

I agree that there are a lot of guilds with 2 or 3 really talented / dedicated raiders who hold a group of friends together for raiding as long as they can. Over the years those guilds are slowly dying from a raiding perspective. I think it's great for these guilds to stay together if the group still has like-minded individuals that are all comfortable with the raiding experience and level of progression.

Back to TWV Recruiting...
If you are one of those 2 or 3 in your guild and you are finding that you just aren't as happy as you used to be and you are looking for like-minded individuals....then it might be time to seriously look around. Guilds like TWV are looking for good, dependable raiders. The application process isn't intense. We just want to talk to you if you are interested in a different experience. If we both agree that you would fit in then we would love to have you.

TWV is also couple friendly. We understand that not all couples consist of one good player and one bad player asking to be carried. If you are part of a couple and you both play the game with similar skill and dedication, then please don't be afraid to reach out to us.

Happy Raiding!
I'll say the same thing I've been saying about Dalaran for years; we have too many guilds.
But anyways, free bump for <WV>, go raid with these people.

I'm sure you're right but like Affeena says. You get attached to people because its more than just a PvE game. It becomes a social game and I can understand why people would choose to create a new guild or stay in their old guild. Does it really matter so long as were having fun? Well, okay.....fun takes 10 people...I could use some people. Are you a people? Do you like other people? I could be one of your people!!!! Join us! I will only bite your nether regions if you ask or if Insig make me. ;)
Oops, did I just bump this thread? Silly me.
Managed to pick up a few melee, a ranged app wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
Dear Santa,
I would like a ranged dps for Christmas. It could be a warlock or a mage or even a priest. That priest could be shadow of Disc or Holy. It doesn't matter so long as you know how to heal. But don't be one of those Discs who says " I like don't Smite cause Blizz can't make me use a 20% increased healing CD"....that's just sad.

This message was brought to you by Pandas and 12 Molson Export.
I approve this thread.
Progression bump...

MV - 1/6 Heroic
HoF - 6/6 Normal
Terrace - 1/4 Normal
2/4 Terrace now. We're still looking for some ranged dps and/or a good Disc/Holy priest. We're looking to put a cap in Sha's $#@ before Christmas so come give us a hand.

-Priest (any spec)
Pugged three last night, cleared HoF.
Pugging is the suck.
rdps..............come to me.

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