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Hai I'm Pollinate and I have no one to play with :(
Requiem has 9-12 raid times tues-thrusday. Right now we are using 2-3 fillers per night and they are doing an admirable job that allows us to raid but it would be nice to fill those spots with some more 'I love to raid' people. Many of our current dps are ranked in this tier and last at world of logs(ranked on 5 this tier myself), you don't have to worry about carrying bad dps. FYI we are overloaded on the druid, dk, mage, rogue tier(5!) but the other 2 tiers only have 2-3 each, so sad all of the agi mail that gets de'ed.
Too bad you seem to have a boatload of pallys :/
MT is pally, 1 healer is holy pally but he is dc'ed half the time. We have no regular raiding ret pallies.
12 is too late for meh! :( too bad for you guys, cause I'm awesome
01/04/2012 12:09 PMPosted by Dcuponoodles
12 is too late for meh! :( too bad for you guys, cause I'm awesome

LOL :P With almost all of the bosses one tankable I dont think anyone is going to want me unless im ret
I thought it was merely a setback?
we're lookin for a tank=3
Change of plans....its on m u d fggrz.
Had ya going didn't we!

!@#$ing SWTOR
Actually, Morecowbell popped rallying cry and saved our asses!
Bump for some tasty new recruits =3

Anikka's transmogged chaps ftw...
A wild sexy Anikka appears! The Anikka uses Bump For Ranged Deeps! Hoping it's super effective.

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