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05/10/2011 02:03 PMPosted by Imnoturpet

That's actually be Q * Q, math is hard.

Q * Q = 2Q not QQ

Indeed math is hard

Actually Q*Q would be Q^2 o.o jus sayin. I guess math is hard for you two.
05/11/2011 08:30 AMPosted by Carmelo
Pretty sure that Logoz is trolling here.

Doubt it, considering he posted the exact same thing in the DD forum before he presumably realized how stupid he sounded (and then deleted his OP).

The OP or his "rank" is irrelevant, that inane OP was buried for a good reason. Grats for making hardcore raiders look like whiny crybabies.
This just goes to show the average players that you can be absolutely brain dead and be in a top end raiding guild. Whining and QQ isn't exclusive to casual players! Rather you can over react and make a long drawn out post on lol 'data mined' items before they are released.

Opinions ARE opinions, but opinions can STILL be wrong.

Congratulations. Not only does it make you look stupid and misinformed, but it makes you look pathetic that you care this much.
05/10/2011 03:18 PMPosted by Delatt
You've been playing WoW for that long and still haven't learned that data-mined info from an early PTR release is unreliable?
and anyone hasnt mentioned this word.


Oh, believe me. If I get a chance for it, that hit *will* be coming off of it. It's an upgrade, even with the hit, for the majority of the weapons I'll have access to.

I'm thinking over the two groups I raid in and there are times when it's just the healers that could use it. Yeah. We're melee heavy.

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest does have a proc, but the information hasn't been included in the PTR data files yet (which means there's nothing to datamine right now).

We did, however, hint at what the proc will be in our 4.2 preview: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2685003

The great staff duplicates destructive magics, and also bestows upon its wielder the ability to transform into a member of the Blue Dragonflight.

Also, please keep in mind that some items on the PTR are still considered "works-in-progress," so certain aspects of their design -- including stats, on-use abilities, and appearance -- may change before the next patch goes live. :)


Oh! And just to clarify (since I saw this asked in another thread), Dragonwrath will not be BoE.

Dear Lylirra ...why do u bother? ...some people are way too stupid to believe datamined stuff as true, specially coming from an unofficial site ...it wasn't worth ur time IMO.

Oh! And just to clarify (since I saw this asked in another thread), Dragonwrath will not be BoE.

Ahhh, I wish I was trolling. But alas I made a grave, rather large and embarrassing error. Before my post, I had not read the article that said the staff would have a proc to duplicate destructive magic and transform into a Blue Dragonflight. If I had read that, I would have easily realized the staff was not final.

I made one assumption, jumped the gun, and ran away with the idea rather than taking a step back, re-examining things, and using some common sense. In fact, I was so carried away that I didn't even notice the final version of the staff on MMO-Champ was BoE. That would have been another huge "not final" indicator.
Regardless, shame on me. I still should know better.

With that said however, you can't deny that if the current staff stats on MMO-Champ WERE final and made it to live without a proc, there would be a lot more people equally upset, if not more so, as I was.

Oh well, everyone makes mistakes. Live and learn...I sure did. Life goes on.

And Lyricist,
I truly hope my foolish error only embarrasses myself and not all other high-end raiding mages such as yourself.

It would have been easy to simply troll you had you been a warlock or a $#@! chicken. That you are a mage just made your OP that much worse.

Relax and look at past precedent. Proc will be amazing and will be seen in T13+ progression.
Dear Logoz:

I hope you've seen the new PTR build so you can stop crying.

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