Gnomish or Goblin Engi?

For a warrior tank?


I'm pondering goblin for the explosives both in use for AoE threat in a pinch and maybe towards damage on my dps spec inbetween cooldowns/etc. Dunno.
It doesn't really matter one way or the other at this point in the game. The main difference between the two paths is the choice in portals. Gnomes get Gadgetzhan and Toshley's Station, goblins get Everlook and Arez 52.
There is no difference in cata except non com pets and there was no major benefit even in wrath.
The explosives are not worth using any more so its pretty much only for the tinkers and the helm that you will level engineering.
For amusement factor go goblin and make the area 52 transporter, then proceed to use it every 4 hours and hope you get the malfunction that changes your race... although its not as amusing on a DK granted since every race can roll one but seeing gnome hunters and tauren locks back in the day was entertaining
Or go gnome and get the perv goggles. Seriously, do not look at a tauren with them, you don't want to see that.

It is really underwhelming the differences nowadays. I think Blizz missed the boat, and could have used these specializations to make almost two separate types of engineers. I am thinking they could have made goblins more serious and gave them less chance to earn money and have fun, but have tinkers that wouldn't fail and bombs. Gnomes would have crap that can break, so no good in PVE, but maybe better chances to have fun and maybe make more money.

As it stands today, most crap fails and little chance to make money. Worst of both worlds.

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