AddOns surrounding the spell Dark Simulacrum

UI and Macro

The AddOn above takes the death knight ability, "dark simulacrum" and tracks what spell is copied, and presents it into a movable and sizable icon. The only requirement is that Dark Simulacrum needs to be somewhere on your action bar in order for the mod to work, so it might be actionbar tracking it.

Basically the issue is that the AddOn hasn't been updated since the early stages of Cataclysm, It is the only AddOn of its kind, and AddOns like Need to Know; Tell me When; and I believe Power Auras do not work with the way the Dark Simulacrum ability is coded or whatever. Anyone know of an AddOn similar to this, or would know how to possibly repair this thing?

I'm rather ignorant on the subject. If it presents itself to me, then I'll see if I can patch it up. I'll do everything I can to help in the least though:

It loads correctly, it's interface is rather simple; Lock/unlock, and a resize slider. Unlocking it presents me a large, movable and resizeable Icon, as in the picture below:

In the image below, I have dueled Breezy, and asked him to cast a spell while he has the Dark Simulacrum debuff. He chose the ability Earth Shield. As you can see where my mouse is hovering over, I have an Earth Shield. Under my buffs you can see the Dark Simulacrum buff, which tells me how much longer I have until I lose the ability to cast Earth Shield. Following the screenshot is the Error message that happens when someone with the Dark Simulacrum debuff casts a spell that can and will be copied.

Date: 2011-05-05 17:33:33
ID: 1
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ..\AddOns\DarkSimAlert\DarkSimAlert.lua line 223:
  Usage: GetActionInfo(slot)
  [C]: ?
  [C]: GetActionInfo()
  DarkSimAlert\DarkSimAlert.lua:223: ?()


This might help some, the names are the same but the spell IDs are different:

This is the base ability

Below the base ability on the same page is the 6 second debuff you place on the target

"This is the buff you recieve when you sucessfully steal a spell with Dark Simulacrum." - some random commenter

Not sure what this is

Which action bar AddOn are you using?
Hmm, I'm not too sure what's going on. Does it work if you disable Dominos?
I hadn't tried that yet because dominos uses the regular blizzard bars, but I'll do it just in case. Turns out that I'm still getting the same lua error, and no working mod.

While I'm also having my friend take a look at it who does coding, I thought I'd be able to find some good help here.

I've been told about two or three times that "tell me when" is capable of doing this as well, but I've fiddled with it for several hours on several different days trying to get it to do what I want, and I can't seem to configure it. Either I'm doing it wrong or those who told me it could do what this addon does misunderstood exactly what this addon does.

It's strange, I figured there would be at least one updated addon out there that does this, I dont think I'm the only the only death knight who wants an easier way to know what they copied, and a lot of people turn off their bars all together.

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