Frostweave Cloth Droprate Nerf, post-4.0

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Why did you nerf the droprate for Frostweave Cloth so drastically in Northrend for non-tailors?

When are you going to restore the proper ration of droprates to where it should be for Frostweave Cloth, compared to all other kinds?

After running Utgarde Keep this evening (May 9th, 2011), we came up with exactly 15 cloth total. TOTAL. You expect this to be divided between 5 players? Pre-Cata, those dungeon runs would net EACH player 8-10 cloth, and by players, I mean those who don't have the tailor's gathering-special. Droprates OUTSIDE humanoid-filled dungeons were even worse today, maybe 3-5 cloth for every 40-50 humanoid mobs killed. Pre-Cata, the ratio was closer to 1 in 3-5 mobs, not 1 in 10 or less--and yes, some mobs dropped 2-4 cloth, but when you piece it out per cloth, those 2-3 cloth were dropping every 20-40 mobs. And no, we weren't counting non-humanoids. We were counting the ones who used to drop cloth reliably: Trolls, Crusaders, Humans, Vrykul, so on and so forth.

It takes several stacks of cloth to lvl First Aid, which is something all players can learn, and usually do learn on their toons--of all the secondary professions, it is the most useful for all classes. If people are getting 3 cloth in a dungeon, and they run that dungeon 3-4 times to lvl, they're getting maybe 9-12 cloth per level. After 10 levels, that's still not enough cloth to level First Aid. Even with running dungeons 5-6 times on unrested xp, they're barely getting what they need.

Why did you nerf the droprate? Thanks to the abrupt reduction down to maybe 1/3rd of the previous rate, the absolute cheapest on Wyrmrest Accord (hordeside) AH that Frostweave Cloth sells for is 3g75s...but for the vast majority in the last several weeks, the average has been 5g per stack of 20. The average price-per-cloth for Embersilk has been 2g or less.

If a tailor needs 1400-1500 cloth to lvl tailoring through the WotLK range, that means he or she would have to spend close to 7,000g--please don't say "Oh, you can make that up easily by running Cata quests and dungeons!" What about those players who DON'T have lvl 85 toons, and cannot do that? What takes a lvl 85 a few hits to kill takes a lvl 70s toon three to five times as long...and you've now made it three to five times harder on top of that for them to acquire what they need?

Netherweave still drops at the same rate as before. I don't deny that it's also expensive to buy off the AH compared to what it used to be back in the BC days--75s or higher compared to the old 25s per cloth--BUT if you go to Outland, it can still be acquired by grinding, at the same rates it has always been acquired--and tailors need the same amount to level through the BC skills, the same as they do for the WotlK skills. But netherweave can be acquired at triple to quadruple the rate, compared to frostweave. Even embersilk can be acquired at half the rate or faster.

Why did you nerf the droprate on frostweave?

Are you trying to make Tailors rich? Is that it? Let the Tailors hog all the cloth with their specialty-finding skill, and price-gouge everyone else? Cloth isn't a commodity like ores or herbs. You don't need ores or herbs to craft anything in a secondary profession. You do need cloth available to EVERY class, because it is a secondary profession requirement.

Tailors can still make plenty of money crafting frostweave bags and other items; they literally don't lose anything if other people can farm their own cloth for First Aid and such. In fact, restoring the frostweave droprates to what they should be, comparable to ALLother cloth droprates, from linen and wool on up, would benefit Tailors far more, because having to grind for less time means they have a greater profit margin.

If you thought that normal cloth droprates in Northrend would cause the goldfarmers to profit, sorry, that argument is invalid. Most of them have moved on to farming embersilk. We saw this when BC became WotLK, and netherweave was no longer the "it" cloth to have...but you didn't nerf netherweave. For that matter, it's far easier for a tailor to make money off of netherweave bags than it is frostweave bags, because the tailor has to make enough greens to disenchant into the proper enchantment dusts to make the imbued frostweave to make the bags.

For the record, you SHOULDN'T nerf netherweave. If you did try to nerf it, then you should have nerfed ALL cloth, linen, wool, silk, mageweave, runecloth, all of it...but you can't do that, can you? Because non-tailors need all those cloth drops, too.

So WHY did you nerf frostweave drops for non-tailors? And WHEN are you going to restore the rightful proportion of droprates for everyone?
Who, aside from tailors, really needs Frostweave?

Also, suggestions of this nature should go in the General or Professions forum. This forum is for in-game and account issues. Not suggestions about functioning mechanics.
Are you running Wrath dungeons specifically for cloth? That is probably not the best way to gather some. I'd recommend posting in the profession forums. Other players may be able to recommend better methods for gathering Frostweave.
Who, aside from tailors, really needs Frostweave?

Also, suggestions of this nature should go in the General or Professions forum. This forum is for in-game and account issues. Not suggestions about functioning mechanics.

Um people who aren't heal-bots and need their frostweave bandages thats who.
As a Tailor, I am personally very happy that I can actually make money off of my profession now! The fact that frostweave is actually valuable now, both for bags, and for bandages is pretty nice, given that during the last expansion the best (on my realm at least) that you could pull off was a copper above even. The large amount of frostweave that was available created an absurd surplus.

Also as Mae said, farming dungeons is not a particularity great way to find Frostweave. I'm not going to post my secrets right here, but you should do some research into other methods of obtaining it!
pfft. cloth

I had more than enough Frostweave to level up First Aid just by doing my Northrend quests. Not sure what the problem you're experiencing is.

Also, you didn't specify if your dungeon run was on the heroic setting. Normal Utgarde Keep is pretty low level, and mobs at the lower end of the level spectrum never drop much cloth.
I get close to an entire stack of cloth just doing the Argent Champion Tourn dailes every morning on my non-tailor hunter and I don't do a whole heck of a lot of extra killing beyond what's needed for the objectives.

I don't think the drop rate was nerfed. Most likely you're choosing the wrong places to farm.
My alts is still getting good drops from reg mobs.

Also i soloed Utgard Pinnacle for Children Week and picked up 25 sheets, which seemed an average drop to me
After we realized the droprates were lower than they should be, we split up and tested a large sampling of locations. Non-tailors were getting significantly lower droprates than pre-Cata.

As for the "excess surplus" of frostweave, there isn't any, because the new expansion came out. Now we have an "excess surplus" of embersilk. Once enough people leveled up their tailoring and first aid professions, the excess embersilk they weren't using got put up on the market. (Economics 101, duh) But frostweave was nerfed.

I say this having 2 tailor toons; yeah, sure, tailors can make money off of stacks of frostweave cloth, but the game balance has been skewed vastly out of proportion. I don't object to tailors making money off of rare frostweave stacks--with more people in Cata zones than in Northrend, fewer people are farming it; I get that, and I don't have a problem with that.

I object strenuously to the palpable imbalance in the droprates between the different types of cloth, and THAT is a game problem.
I started leveling my tailoring today and hit a brick wall when it came to frostweave cloth, there is hardly any on the AH and the drop rate is horrendous. I have to get 280 BOLTS of frostweave in order to get to the next stage, now I have to spend countless hours farming level 70-80 mobs because of the ridiculous rarity of this cloth in relation to all other types.

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