Best Horde PVP servers....

I am going to move my toons soon from the boring server im on now (Archimonde) to something with more active pvp players. I have read up on a few servers and it is coming down to Mal'Ganis, Blackrock or Illidan... which one would you guys say has the most active pvp players and guilds? Thanks!
If by high ranked you mean horde wins pvp most of the time, my server would suffice (tho I believe this is true on most realms). All the top progression guilds are Alliance from what I recall. Happy ganking.
Illidan is the top-ranked PvP server in the world at this moment. However, if you suck at PvP, you will not enjoy it there.
Cause of it's reputation, Illidan has been watered down a lot. But it's still got elite players and guilds.

You better have thick skin if you want to play here though.
Personally I'd choose mug'thol, but that's because of the battlegroup and server location.
Would Direct you to Illidan.
Just a great great great server for the Horde. Not elitest like the others you mentioned. Crap my newbie gets lvl 25 guild spams and people beg for people to run RBGs and arenas. Million people out front of Org too of course.

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