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The Hand of Vengeance are the group of Forsaken forces that were sent to Northrend by The Banshee Queen in order to bring Undercity's vengeance on the changes in Northrend due to the Scourge. Their method is the delivery of the latest strain of their deadly Plague which they have been reduced to hiding from the other Horde forces. But wait, there really isn’t a Plague.. .. –shift glance-

The HoV hopes to bring a new form of Forsaken based role play that is themed around the Apothecarium. Several of the members that were brought together to create this banner are from other guilds that agreed it was time to branch off and create a home for our most desired means of role play. The Hand of Vengeance has a wide variety of Forsaken in our family and we keep growing in numbers every week. We welcome all forms of Undeath either that being a rotbrain or a mad scientist you can never have too many. Several months under our belt as a banner and we are still strong. Over the past few months we have been able to make allies, make enemies and offer a home for those that range from testing Forsaken RP to Deaders that want to dust off their old chemistry sets. So if interest to see what we are about don't hesitate to whisper any of us or approach us for some RP. :)

Forum Info : http://thehandofvengeance.proboards.com

Contact any of these people listed for more information! :)

Officers of The Hand of Vengeance:
Head Master Apothecary: Thayrin Chillblight
Master Apothecary and Plague Doctor: Ҫeleste Shatterheart
High Executor: Captain Bolsar
Other Officers: Aeterik, Remgus, Puthrick, and Gemmalynn.
Contrary to popular belief, there is not a post here.

Ranks within The Hand of Vengeance:

-Lifting a single talon from her side, she placed the metal tip upon the stained pages within her tome. A low audible hum began to form while the darkened ebon magics manifested within the palm of her hand. Conjuring her shadow energy she forced it to form words, burning them into the pages of her journal. A slight pause of her hand cause her to glance up, wincing her glowing orbs from beneath her cowl. Slowly she traced her eyes over each of those that were gathered. Almost softly she spoke, the guttural sound of her words passing over her parted lips.-
"While serving the Dark Lady we have been given the opportunity to form segments for our various skills. So, which skill is it that you have to offer us?"

Plaguebringer: Those within the Apothecary that wish to dedicate their involvement mainly with the creation of the Plague or blight. To reach this rank one would have to become a full Apothecary and meet the requirements before advancing to become a Plague Bringer.

Surgeon: The scalpel wielders of THoV. Those that offer medical services and knowledge to perform operation. A Surgeon would start as an intern and then advance to becoming a nurse or trauma aid. Most of the patients would be living especially for performing clinicals.

DeathGuard: The military troops for the HoV that offer protection to the members, as well as any other Forsaken they are ordered to guard. Mostly the classes that are non cloth wearers. This segment consists of Deathguards, Deathstalkers, Archers and Dreadguards.

Apothecary: “Pharmacist” who has the knowledge of various potions and elixirs. The Apothecary can be the beginning branch to various other ranks within the guild once the standard rank is obtained.

Jr. Apothecary: An Apothecary in training to obtain a certificate for their desired profession.

Blight Spreader: (This is just a rank for the alts that do not wish to become a part of any of the other ranks.)

Intern: New guild member. Interns can either choose to become students for a future rank within the guild or apply to become a DeathGuard. A player in the intern position has the chance to become familiar with the other guild members and discover what profession or area it is that would interest them.

The Hand of Vengeance - An Unexpected Appearance.

Thayrin stood at the table of alchemical equipment in a state of concern. As the various instruments bubbled and dripped, his mind was consumed by thoughts of the pending problems not to mention the recent open attacks against his Apothecaries and himself in Orgrimmar the day before. The riot of his own thoughts was barely enough to drown out the sound of Celeste working behind him. She was adding a compound to a living rabbit to test it's lethality when an unexpected guest presented himself.

"Well.. If it isn't Master Apothecary Chillblight." Middleton's unmistakable raspy gurgle of a voice was clear as the sky over Hillsbrad that morning. Celeste greeted the Chief Plaugebringer with a slight nod as her attention could not be diverted long enough for a more hospitable greeting. "Chief Plaugebringer, What brings you to this side of Northrend?" Her voice rang out as her metal talons adjusted the setting on the burner slightly to reduce the simmer.

"Oh word has reached me regarding your.. Vizier." Middleton said smugly as Thayrin stood from his test equipment to greet his former colleague properly. Their talons wrapped around the others hand as they stood at the doorway to the circular lab. "Chief Plaugebringer long time no.. Blighting." Thayrin's voice was low but precise as a smirk worked its way across his leathered lips.

"Indeed Apothecary, good to see you've recovered from your -own- encounter with our work."

"Has word of that truly reached Venomspite that ..quickly?" Thayrin spoke with a bit if surprise.

"Tell me Master, how could a Sin'Dorei piece of filth get a hold of our work?" Middleton inquired.

"I do not.. know." he answered truthfully. Thayrin could not come up with an answer to that question as that particular one weighed heavily on his own mind.

"Never the less.. Your time among the living has softened your resolve. Perhaps a change of venue would be in order?" Even though the missing jaw would fool most, Celeste and Thayrin both could visualize the grin that would have been present on the Forsaken's face.

"W..What do you mean?" Celeste asked after a brief moment of confused silence.

Middleton stood up straight stretching his partially exposed bones. "It has come to my attention that High Executor Anselm, and the Dark Lady herself, wishes to bring The Hand of Vengeance to the Eastern Kingdoms. Their success in Northrend, coupled with that of Angrathar, has warranted a venture to these shores. It would seem they are in need of someone to lead this new era of the Forsaken. Anselm asked me himself who I thought would be the most ...qualified."

Middleton narrowed his gaze through his monocle to the pair of Apothecaries before him.

"I could think of no one person.. but I did think of two." He scoffed.
I just want to say I wish you guys good luck with this. Guilds like the Defilers and Shadowreave have to see good Forsaken Role Players being taken by other guilds. It is refreshing to see an Apothecary based guild especially one that is lore related. Kind of makes me want to roll a deader.
Yes.. A shameless bump.

I am not above such things.
*Coughs* Bump?
I think the idea of having an Apothecary based Forsaken guild is long over due. Congratulations to you guys! The lore based RP is also something that seems to be lacking as of late. Kudos!
Loving the unabridged version!
Why don't all of you Undead only guilds form together as one big smelly deader mass?
05/16/2011 08:31 AMPosted by Xaphen
Why don't all of you Undead only guilds form together as one big smelly deader mass?

Because diversity is better than just one single guild.
Bump for a guild I wish the best of luck to.
05/16/2011 08:34 AMPosted by Hranu
Why don't all of you Undead only guilds form together as one big smelly deader mass?

Because diversity is better than just one single guild.

Smelly? I happen to like the scent of decay! And I agree. It gives others the option to join different guilds. Undead do not just role play one thing.
Is there anything other than Apothecaries and soldiers?
Perhaps your guild could benefit from using some of the Society's actual branches in your organization. In the lore, the Society is divided into three branches; Testing, Research and Development, and Implantation.

Testing is composed of the fighters and misfits who actually go out and collect test subjects. By collect, that could mean anything... kidnapping, capturing a strange beast, or simply collecting plants. This could be where you put your plate wearing non-researchers and interns to use ICly.

Research and Development is your researchers of course. They take the test subjects and create new weapons, perfecting them to the point where they are combat ready.

Implantation are your folks that actually take the finished product into combat, or test it on the battlefield. You could attach these people out to other military based guilds, acting as attachments and weapons specialists.

Getting the three branches operating and working together, could create a quality roleplaying environment.

That is a great suggestion, sir. And we are actually in the works of building relations with other banners. Even though our own facility has the ability to do these things we like to branch out and offer others to be able to interact with us.
Great! We appreciate all of the positive responses! We have met so many interesting people in game and look forward to running into more people as we progress, along with the other Forsaken guilds. =)

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