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Arena players rejoice!!!

Wiz cleave incoming ! ! !
06/17/2011 08:43 AMPosted by Reactix
Wait im confused what happened!?

Blizzard lifted the 2/3'rds conq pts penalty for only focusing in arena, instead they're increasing the ammount of conq pts you can get in RBG's by 22.5%.

Example - Arenas conq cap will vary from 1350 to 3000, RBG's conq cap will vary from 1650-3300.

First week of arena everyone will have an "arena conq pt cap" of 1350, but you can STILL again an extra 300 pts via RBG's because your RBG cap will be 1650, now if your arena conq pt cap is over 1650, you wont need to do RBG's to get all your pts.

Basically this means that after you get a 1650 arena conq pt cap, the source of your full conq pt cap will depend on your highest rating and that will be the source of your entire conq pts, if you have a high RBG rating, you wont get your entire cap by doing only arenas, and viceversa.
05/30/2011 09:52 AMPosted by Çharmander
I didn't mean actually forced. What I mean is, Blizzard has made an addicting game by dangling a carrot in front of your face that you will never get. They should have enough consideration to make us carrot-chasers at least have a half-decent time doing it, especially since we provide their paychecks.

It's a video game. Play, or do not play. Pretty sure you're not going to get the dry heaves if you don't play, if you do you have some serious issues.

Anyway, it's nice they changed this.
I'll wager good gold that Blizzard's accounting department took a look at how many people were threatening to unsubscribe, then hooked Kalgan's sack up to a car battery until he rescinded the change.
Neat, I wont have to quit now.
See Blizzard? Listening to your player base actually works!
Instead of nerfing arenas they buffed RGBs. Later they can nerf conquest point caps across the board or increase the amount required for gear and be right back where they wanted to be.

This was no victory. Just Blizzard being smart enough to dodge the QQ.

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