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meh rbg rating takes quite a while to grind
i am confident i can get higher arena rating in much less time to get a decent point cap to gear up quickly at the start of next season than i would playing rbgs carrying 5 ppl and grinding out those 5-6 point 20 minute wins.

the rbg matchmaking system makes the arena matchmaking look genius, i play alliance and i saw 2400 rated players on our guild's team getting matched up against 0-700 rating teams and getting literally 0-1 points per win. if it happened as alliance then same-faction matchmaking isn't going to fix it.

i want them to design new bgs with rated games in mind instead of trying to pay me like a dirty wh0re with extra conquest points - i would like a base assault style game WITHOUT VEHICLES. that would be neat and maybe i would play rbgs ^_^ it's not the lack of incentive to do RBGs that makes me avoid them at all, it's the lack of enjoyable game content.
Never have done an RBG, and I don't see it coming up in the future. Sometimes you have to be big enough to admit that something didn't work. Fix it, don't force it.
05/10/2011 07:52 PMPosted by Ayedrian
Not a god damned chance. You think I am going to spend the time getting a crap load of people together just so I can participate in your failed RBG's idea? You think you can make me do it by only allowing 2/3rds of my conquest points to come from arena?

Agreed 100%

I do RBGs with guildies on this char in conjunction with arenas but that's absolutely not an option with my alt rogue. I can't just casually decide to queue up for RBGs on my rogue alt when I want to. If I want to do arenas, I just need to find my 2 partners on vent or message them on any day of the week and we can roll out. However, every RBG team on my server is exclusive to friends/guildies only -- my rogue has no chance of getting in.

I don't see the big deal, plenty of other people have put in the time to make guilds focused primarily on RBGs, xfer to a server with one of those guilds and do it.

Stop ur crying.

It's one thing if they give brownie points to RBGs to encourage people to do them like allowing them to obtain a 2500 pt cap at a lower rating. It's another to just completely screw over players because they only do arenas. We've got the message, they want players to shift emphasis on RBGs but it's not going to happen by punishing people who only do arenas. If a customer wants to buy green paint but as a seller you prefer dark blue paint, you're going to sell them green either way -- shoving your preferences down the customer's throat is not the way to go about it.
And here I had thought Blizzard couldn't have made a more stupid change then the 135 conquest points per win regardless of rating crap.

05/10/2011 08:13 PMPosted by Thugpoetry
Stop trying to shove RBGs down our throats
And here I had thought Blizzard couldn't have made a more stupid change then the 135 conquest points per win regardless of rating crap.

Stop trying to shove RBGs down our throats
This is probably the last kick in the nuts for me.

Hope it doesn't make it through, only aspect of the game I thoroughly enjoy is arena. I'm not going to play Rated Battlegrounds. Stop trying to force me to.
05/10/2011 08:13 PMPosted by Thugpoetry
Stop trying to shove RBGs down our throats
I quit PvE for PvP because PvE was way too time consuming and easy.
I log on maybe once or twice a week for queues.
I don't want to get on 4 times a week for four hours.
I might as well go castrate myself.

*!!! RBGs.
I quite PvPing in 4.1. I see no reason to come back. It only validates the reasons that I quit PvPing.
*%%* idea from a *%%* company, hope it doesnt go through
Yeah I agree, I much prefer arenas, don't really want to have to play rbgs.
blizzard lost 600k subscriptions since cata release, only to be more if this completely stupid change goes through.

no one wants to play garbage rated BG's, stop trying to force them on us
im not claiming to be a serious arena player in any way but im pissed that blizzard thinks its a good idea to penalize players for an aspect of the game that they dont like.

i stopped pvp altogether cuz i hated rated bgs and i cant get ppl to arena becuz of stupid changes like this. heres how it works on my server. u have to have a high arena rating to get into any decent rated bg, so how we supposed to do that when blizzard keeps shoving rated bgs down our throats and punish ppl who arena? tell me how seeing about 4 classes total in ten spots in a rated bg is balanced or fun in any way? i see priests warriors the occasional holy paly and mages. guess its back to pure pve /sigh
What a terrible change. Some may want to do your Rated BGs, most don't, and so your solution is to force us into them? I really don't want to be "that guy", but this change would give me serious thought to cancelling my subscription.

You already delivered unto me an expansion that was really light on content so rather than cancel my subscription because I was bored like the other 600k did, I decided to try something new and do some arenas with my real life friends. Imagine my surprise when I found I was having more fun than I had in awhile playing WoW. We're having a blast winning some games and getting some nice gear. Why ruin our fun because you feel like I'm not using your RBGs as much as you want?

I don't raid because when you start having to adhere to schedules and min/maxing, it becomes a job and I have absolutely no desire to go back to that. Hence why I have no desire to do Rated BGs.

Don't punish us because we don't feel like playing the game the way YOU think we should.
RBGs are a snoozefest
Blizzard has been trying to force RBG's down our throat from day one of cata. When are they going to understand that nobody wants to play them?

Pretty much only ground my rating up out of curosity of the mount which will probably be lame. Once I get it this season never running more despite less conquest.
The ONLY reason I would even step foot into a RBG is for the titles. Love me some ranking titles to fit a char.

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