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I have 4 85s. It's going to be really fun sitting in wsg turtles for hours to get them all capped. I play at odd hours and have problems getting into rateds as it is, getting capped will basically take up most of my playing time and leave no time to do what I actually enjoy, arena.

This change is absolutely terrible, especially since you only get 180 points from wins now.
I love how wow works these days. I did the grind for hwl not even there yet because i'm sick of doing pvp where i don't actually try to kill anything i just try to aoe a flag for 20mins. seems dull and boring but doing it just for titles. now they drop this on us.

just an idea make gear for arenas and gear for rbgs not useable in the opposing instance. that way you will see the @#*s with hwl still rocking the 1800 weps cause they cant actually arena.

or just a thot just because we dont like stupid ass rbgs don't freaking punish us for it.
Ive been battling not quiting wow all season this will be the icing on the cake. if it goes live i'm canceling my sub.
I agree with the OP... blizz wtf are you thinking?
Definitely hadn't read the notes before posting. Seems like ... quite the change. :/
I hate Rbg's its almost like raiding you need to rely on too many ppl to be successful........3s although can be a hassle to find a good team at times still not as much of a pain to get going than a good 10MAN team of sword and boards dks and holy palidans
Why don't they make it so you have to do more than one bracket or something.

2v2's only give you like 1/2 the conquest cap

3v3's will give the other half or if you didn't do 2's you get 3/4's of it.

5v5's rewards all conquest if you choose to only do 5's

rbg's rewards all. . .

I don't have a problem doing a for points 2v2 bracket with a 3v3 bracket.

Even then though, I still don't like the way conquest points are.

It's stupid easy to get capped, and only be 1000 rating or less (with a fresh team).

Why not make it so you start your week at 1000 pt cap or less and once you break that in personal rating, your conquest cap increases on the fly.

no arena grinders going 5-20 and people who will increase the cap indefinitely see no change in the system.
it would be a lot better if you didnt have to try and find 9 other people to run them with. i play messed up hours and there isnt really alot of people on, why not put a resilience minimum on random RBG and it would be fine, not the ideal solution but i wont have time to find people to run them with on the 3 active toons i have now and one more getting geared up. im already having a hell of a time point capping now that i get jack from arenas.
05/11/2011 01:12 AMPosted by Spambushlol
If you werent ***@ you would not even need conq points anymore nuff said. .. Even if youbwere ***@ you should have all of your gear by now

umm u realize that this wont be out till the next season starts yano when conquest points will be reset?

I'm actually guessing the change is because...

Pvp players gear out faster than pve players if they can succeed.

Valor grind is a lot longer than the Conquest grind.

But I can't really assume anyone would be surprised by this. They delayed 372 because heroic content wasn't being downed fast enough. I don't understand the logic they follow, it just pisses people off. If they are afraid of pvp gear ruining pve gearing then just make it unusable in current content or something. Forcing people to participate in another aspect to play on a level field will only cause problems.
I've played since release. and this is probably the stupidest thing they have ever done.

I enjoy RBGS, but this is a retarded change. Blizzard has made just one poor decision after another when it comes to balancing this game, and now this trash?
Meh, Rbgs are ok.

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