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I know most of you have tried Rift and those that have know that you have 4 Specs (roles).

You can't deny that having 4 specs is very useful.

I run pvp resto for my guild, I like to run feral when I solo pvp and i would love to have a tanking spec for pve.

So... when are we going to have multiple specs ( please say soon).

Don't say never or I will list all of the aspects of the game you said you would NEVER change and ended up changing anyways.

So when?
most likely never, and your list of things they've actually said never to will be rather small, since most of those they said they had no plans for at that time, which is significantly different from never.
start the list, i wanna see it
You mean like...dual specs with the ability to respec keeping what you do the most?
Never, sadly. Personally I constantly respec (once or twice a day) and it's a pain but if it must be done it must be done. /shrug
i respec a lot myself but i'm fairly happy with dual spec *shrug*

I do prot for guild stuff, holy for pugs, ret for pugs, BH and pvp etc.

it costs me 122 gold to swap (66g for respec and 6 glyph dusts) so 244 round trip (and about 5 minutes each time to remap my butons).

When you consider my alchemist alone makes 300-400g a day off his life > air transmute, one rack of TB dailies on any alt gives over 200 and the fact i can pull over 100 on any dungeon with the CtA bag (200+ if i get a flask to auction off) that isn't much. Not even counting if i actually go farming gold.

Would i use triple spec (or whatever)? Sure
Do i expect to see it coming? Not really.
I just want the aoe loot ability. Could Blizz at least add this feature?
Turn specs into a tab system exactly like bank tabs. Buy more saved specs for increasing costs. The balance? Increase the cost of respeccing any of your saved specs ten-fold. You could even make buying more specs cost more than the bank tabs and the increased cost to respec would ensure Blizzard's precious "specs mean something" argument would keep weight.
05/11/2011 06:12 PMPosted by Frostdemon

Well, aren't you a positive person with something productive to add to the discussion.

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