Best race for a Druid...

I was just wondering what is the best race for a druid all around...I mean looks,feel,racials overall...I have a 80 tauren atm wondering should i faction change to a Worgen any suggestion?
Across the board? Probably Worgen, yeah, though I doubt it's worth a faction change just for that. Racials are fairly marginal in the long run.
Whatever you can appreciate seeing for hundreds of hours. That's always been my yardstick, racials be damned. At the end of the day, it's your enjoyment that is the number one priority of any game.
Troll for Berserking or Worgen for Crit.
I <3 shadowmeld
Shadowmeld ftw.

Gosh that racial has saved me so much money over the years.
It depends, it's all flavor really.

Night elves get a bonus to dodge and that helps tanking.

Tauren are darn strong, and have a pretty sweet stam bonus... and staying alive longer means more say in outcome. (edit) Ooh, and with the Zandalari dungeons especially I can't stress how important warstomp is!

Trolls with Beserking can really get nice boom, kitty and resto bonuses (in theory). Also, in a PvP setting they tend to do more damage on fellow druids in animal forms. Plus, I can't lie that regeneration thing is sort of cool, not OP (lol) but cool.

Worgen... And this is with all due respect to the other races... This may be the best of all. They get DARKFLIGHT. Paragon was rumored to be considering changing to worgens just for that oomph of getting out of fire faster. They also get a pretty sweet passive resist to curses.

However, as you go through the game you will find that there are both elite, and non elite players with all races. It's just finding which works best for you.
Night Elf is still the winner. Shadowmeld helps every single spec in many ways, 2% miss is by far the best racial for tanks.

Tauren are probably best for pvp, but that's debatable.

Worgen and troll are both okay for DPS, but really can't beat shadowmeld.

meld ftw.

also, fleas.
shadowmeld > S/FF = best pvp escape mechanic EVER!!!

outdoors, that is
What does shadowmeld do exactly? Never played a night elf, thought it was just a passive stealth without movement?
Shadowmeld allows you to exit combat and go into a stealth mode. The important part isn't the stealth - it's the exiting combat. It drops targeting, drops threat (or at least sets you not as the aggro target), and can allow you to do things like be out of combat and then eat or use buffs or even switch gear.

It's useful all over the place. There are lots of stupid tricks you can do with it.
Hmm I was thinking worgen for my alliance Druid for the mini-sprint...but shadowmeld sounds much better actually.
Tauren if you wanna be an all around cool guy who gets all the ladies.
Worgen were good before they nerfed their roar.

Trolls just look funky.

Shadowmeld is awesome.

Stealin herbs is more awesome, but I already leveled this one to 85 and am lazy to do the others.
Worgen and troll for pve, tauren/NE for pvp generally speaking. I only pve for the most part and love playing as a worgen (I even paid for a race change). 1% passive crit is awsome sauce and that extra sprint is very usefull. I sort of miss shadowmeld (I was a NE for years...well it definately wasn't good before the change unless you were going afk as a warrior? or wanted to shadowmeld charge! in pvp) but at the same time it was mostly for undeserving reasons... saving myself from a wipe and helping out bad tanks that couldn't keep things from running to me and killing me. I guess it might have a tiny niche for chim...very tiny.
Worgens are the master shapeshifters. Sure I'll always be jealous of shadowmeld, but the eyebrows, silly ears, and terrible looking males (all opinions I know). I made one toon of each race and I had to make my nelf female just because I couldn't stand the males.

Worgen druid females are weird imo. You turn into a cat with a mane, clearly male. Weird.

People have given you allot of suggestions. I want to say that the sweetest thing about a worgen druid is that travel form and darkflight stack to be fast. REAL fast. Flag running, just running... running running running. I love being fast. Crit is an incredibly important stat and having a +1% that doesn't decay is just awesome.

If you're considering race changing cause you think worgens look awesome, do it. You've seen nelves for years and haven't been so tempted? Don't blow the money looking at the pixels you aren't crazy about over a cool racial.
NE : Honestly for PvE tanking the best. The 2% chance to miss simply can't be duplicated on gear and can be a good boon compared to the rest. Shadowmeld can be handy

Tauren: Health racial is minimal at best (a couple thousand health), other racials not much better unless you are an herbalist.

Troll : Beserking can help with damage/threat and boomkin, health regen is as marginal as Tauren's health bonus.

Worgen : The crit helps since druid tanking is more crit-based, and helps with cat and boomkin as well as healing.

It honestly depends on if you plan to be a bear, a cat, a tree, or a boomkin. Personally my Horde druid is Tauren simply because he is a herbalist/scribe. 0.5 gather time without having to switch out of flight form is pretty freakin' nice.

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