Tier 12 Paladin gear and Tauren.

I was excited I was able to take a peek using the viewer available over at Wowhead to see what the tier12 set looks like on a Tauren. While I know the viewer is not flawless. I certainly hope that the headpiece for Tauren hasn't been finalized. If you take a look at it now, the headpiece looks like a hood, and that really cool faceplate is more like a batman cowl. All the other races have their faces covered entirely, and thus are able to enjoy the nice artwork put into the set. However on a Tauren, this is just jarring. And normally I'd just hide helm, but it seems that the entirety of the helm graphic, including the "flame halo" will be hidden, breaking the look of the set.

As I've stated, I know the Wowhead viewer isn't infallable, however I hope Blizzard takes a look at this and makes a change IF the graphic being represented is in fact correct.
Here, here I second this motion.

A link to Paladin Tier 12 on a Tauren can be found here :

Blizzard please make the change to a full helm. Not a fan of my tank looking like little miss riding hood. :\
I'm in agreement with you Helaku. The way it looks bothers me as well. Especially since this armor set is looks really nice overall. However, I do wonder how the alternative would look (it stretched over our oddly shaped faces). Maybe they looked at both renderings and decided this would look better.
it looks stupid on a dwarf too. hell the whole get up is stupid looking on any race!
The T2 helm fits perfectly over taurens why should T12 be any different? Fix it please :D
I am soooo glad I am not alone about this Tauren Paladin thing. I was Rafing with a friend and i wanted to roll a pally but i couldnt be a belf so i said whatev and went with a tauren. I liked it but when i saw the tauren with tier 12 i am considering race changing... its just icky
I like my Tauren Paladin brothers/sisters, give them a good helmet look.....

Tauren usually look the best in their Gear and weapons and shields look great on them too, most of the time. They deserve to look great in T12 like everyone else.
You shouldn't even be paladins, you're walking hamburgers.
I hate to resurrect a dead horse but I was just looking at this and wanted to die it looks so bad. It looks amazing on everyone else, I really don't understand why it has to look so godawful on Tauren.
08/07/2011 11:32 PMPosted by Malfunktion
I really don't understand why it has to look so godawful on Tauren.

So all the other paladin races don't get too jealous of our dashing good looks, fabulous hair, and magnificent horns.
Femcows > other paladins (regardless of helmet)
If you fret over gear appearance, then, brother, you picked the wrong class. Although we normally have a power ranger look about us, this expac we are some weird scarecrow in a dress looking thing.
i think the helm needs only to be closed, not leave my big nose outside of it...haha...blizzard should make a better looking helm for tier 12...the only one that doesn't fit very well...please blizzard...fix it for the good of tauren race...

Thanks for your attention.

For the Horde!
way to necro......
T12 was terrible as is... Doesnt matter what race you are.
add one more reson cows soundnt be pallys...

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