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Basically, just say your favorite boss (and why preferably). Both Dungeons and Raids. This can be based on mechanics, difficulty, voice/what they say, lore, etc. It doesn't have to just be how entertaining their boss fight was.

I feel that a lot of five-man bosses (even on Heroics) go down too quickly, however, I still enjoy quite a few of those fights just to explore the character's abilities or personality. For example, Xevozz, a random boss in the Violet Hold, is a simple tank-and-spank affair, however, pre-cata, his fight on heroic was a reasonably tough five-man fight. I've chosen Xevozz as my favorite encounter because ethereals (including another favorite of mine, Nexus-Prince Shaffar) have hawt voices and are pretty cool guys.

tl;dr: fave boss?

opera event, so much fun
Raid boss, Vaelastrasz - not because it was fun, but because that boss was such a huge guild breaker and I got to kill him while I was 60. I was very happy defeating him.

/agree 100%

Vaelastrasz was the single most rewarding boss I've ever had the pleasure of facing in this game. He required some crazy coordination, and killed many guilds.

Even when Nef was on farm Vael could and would still wipe you for hours. But it was okay cause his mechanics made the fight a blast.
Hmmm... to pick 1 boss in the whole game.....

Sindragosa.... I love her lines and that fight was such a pain.
Loved the Illidan fight, that !!%% was epic. Getting all the FR gear for flame tanking :)
Thaddius, I just always had fun in that fight.
Omnotron council
love how hectic and enjoyable the whole thing is
The Boss is slightly more then Big Boss.
I love the C'thun fight, him talking to you throughout the dungeon made it that much cooler when you actually encountered him.
I always make sure my sound is way up for Kil'jaeden. I'm not sure why, just that whole sequence with the characters saying goodbye to one another, it gets me.

Only raid i've encountered while it was relevant where I enjoyed it longer than a month.
Tiny creatures under feet, you bring Sargoth something good to eat!
Mimiron. Algalon. Thorim. Festergut. Saurfang.

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