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I just put this thread up on general discussion but it never came up so I'll try it here. I just got Razer Nostromo Keypad and it is supposed to have the ability to program 20 keymap profiles, name each one and assign each one to a key on the keypad to bring it up when I want. The directions give this information but dont go into how to actually configure this. Does anyone know how to do this?
in v2.0 of the Profile Configurator, select a button. On its drop down list, select More../Profile.. and you will get another list of profiles to choose from.

v1.x worked somewhat similar..

If you want to be able to swap between multiple profiles from the Nostromo, you will need to map the same profile launches in each profile. You can also swap profiles from the taskbar icon, saving the buttons on the Nostromo for in-game commands..

Considering there are 8 keymaps in each profile, that should be more than plenty for any game/program. My wow profile only really uses one keymap, but still allows controlling 5 actionbars. If you want to be able to launch separate profiles for different programs, you can assign programs to each profile and the Configurator will automatically switch profiles when you enter that app. I've used this successfully to swap between two profiles when running two separate games at once - the configurator pays attention to which window you are working in and applies the relevant profile.

For more on setting up the Nostromo, check out my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/grendalsh. While the vids are about the N52te, they're functionally similar.
why doesnt anyone just post a link to the page that lets us Download the 'Configurator'?

that would help me and prolly a few others out a bit, !@#$ aint easy to find, and after a few dead HD's, i cant find it again, wtf lol,
where do u go from there? Drivers? Master Guides? Firm Updaters?
go here and select either mac or PC
Would have been nice of them to let you know that there was other software (and not Synapse 2.0) that helped you configure the thing. They make great products but they're horrible at anything other than that. thanks Bazing

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