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We've been repeatedly saying in various threads recently that we are listening, even if we're not acting on every piece of feedback we read. Well readers, listen up!

With the help of Ghostcrawler, the following will be added to the patch notes for the next PTR update:

  • Players are once again free to dance in combat (without causing graphic errors). Other animations, such as attacks, will take precedence over dancing. The dance animation will be suppressed until the higher priority animation is complete. Fun has been unnerfed.

The concerns of the people vanished. And there was much dancing.

props to blizz!!! (see im not always a jerk.)

Why can I not "Like" this? D:

05/12/2011 06:37 PMPosted by Bigbeefcow
lol but seriously ive made so many topics never get read

Yeah cause the lack of a blue post means they never even looked in its direction.
Lawl nice. Thanks for the comic relief Zarhym
Never understood why people cried for this. But at least we will have the option again heh
"And the entire WoW community sighed with relief..."
I got 99 problems but dancing ain't one.

Thank you!
Sharkon bursts into da Voodoo Shuffle, becoming a whirling storm of expressive force. While under the effects of da Voodoo Shuffle, the troll does not feel pity, remorse, or fear, and cannot be stopped unless killed.

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