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So you really man that... I can waggle my tail AND throw down totems for the raver effect?

This one's up a little late on the thursday night I see!
05/12/2011 06:39 PMPosted by Zisa
if you were actually listening, i would still have my warrior. seeing how it's still gone four years later, i doubt it.

Warriors are awesome now whats the problem exactly?

Come on Sleengblade, he who hath pooped on many a party, dance wit meh!

this is why the skull be mah fav.
05/13/2011 12:09 AMPosted by Chicachula
if you were actually listening, i would still have my warrior. seeing how it's still gone four years later, i doubt it.

Warriors are awesome now whats the problem exactly?

I suspect they got hacked and never got their character back.

Which is sad, but hardly a sign of "not listening"


Now if I could just get the BG queue to pop so I could take advantage of this wonderful solution to all my problems.
I was struggling to understand the significance of this change as my mind was moving along PvE terms.

However once you put it in the PvP perspective I got it. At times in a BG there is only option and that is indeed /dance.

Poor trolls. No shoes and no talons.

The tusks more than make up for it, I think! I am uncertain, however, if I would recommend normal nail-polish on those twin beauties. Perhaps strings of party lights instead? I could be onto something here...

05/12/2011 08:10 PMPosted by Zong
What about goblins? What if you step on one, and it explodes, causing the entire dance floor to collapse into Anub'arak's lair.

Goblins would be required to wear "CAUTION!" tape as a fashion statement in order to avoid this potentially dangerous predicament. Goblin Proximity Sensors (GPS) functioning in the name of personal and structural safety wouldn't be a bad idea either.

05/12/2011 11:36 PMPosted by Eilethalua
I so pictured dwarven dancing combined with gnomes for full-scale gnome punting.

I fear you're onto me. >_> Have you seen how gracefully they flail as they soar? It's quite mesmerizing!

I've never seen this blue poster before!

This calls for a friendly /dance to say hello!

*stares you right dead in the eye*

*reality has caught up with you. No more blaming the players, no more special pleading. The time has come to fix it.*

*holds your hand*
Leave it to Blizzard to cave in and re-implement the ability to dance in combat due to the endless QQ of players on the forums.

Brb, going to cancel by subscription, as player versus player combat should be showcased as a serious event rather being in a disco hall with the occasional pools of blood and severed limbs on the floor.
05/12/2011 08:36 PMPosted by Zarhym
hmmm now why would you want to /dance during combat, your all weirdo's

It's actually the proven number one strategy when you find yourself caught as the lone defender of a Battleground base, as a wave of attackers come at you. Ever since the days of vanilla WoW, there has been only one appropriate reaction: to dance with your murderers.

Funny my response is normally to go stealth and get out of the way. better to become a scout for the counter than a corpse with happy feet. Unless I'm already fighting someone and cant stealth but in that case I'm probably to busy to dance.
*dances slower*

*Hey GC*

*Eat that crow*

*eat it*
YES! Thank you!
We've been repeatedly saying in various threads recently that we are listening, even if we're not acting on every piece of feedback we read. Well readers, listen up!

With the help of Ghostcrawler, the following will be added to the patch notes for the next PTR update:

  • Players are once again free to dance in combat (without causing graphic errors). Other animations, such as attacks, will take precedence over dancing. The dance animation will be suppressed until the higher priority animation is complete. Fun has been unnerfed.

The concerns of the people vanished. And there was much dancing.

I'm glad to know blizzard is working on what's important.

Seriously. This update pleases me more than an announcement about a change designed to balance classes would.

Now, all they need to do is unnerf female BE weapon sizes, and I'll be all set.
I laugh at people who complain about the lack of blue posts, and like to point out that if to blues do post it has to be srs bszness.
Lighten up people...
I think staff have been a bit too much into the cooking sauce tonight...

...but either way, thanks I guess.

Dance studios next?

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