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ACK! Too much seriousness in this thread of awesomesauce. Lighten up peeps, dancing is fun! Which is what a game is supposed to be. It can't be all serious, all the time. How boring would that be?

Wag, wag, wag ..... wag, wag, wag ..... wag your tail.
05/12/2011 08:36 PMPosted by Zarhym
hmmm now why would you want to /dance during combat, your all weirdo's

It's actually the proven number one strategy when you find yourself caught as the lone defender of a Battleground base, as a wave of attackers come at you. Ever since the days of vanilla WoW, there has been only one appropriate reaction: to dance with your murderers.

In an obvious run-away BG (doesn't matter who's winning) I'll try to find a hordie to dance with. So far, only about 1 out of 5 gets the jest and dances back. And with that 1, half the time other horde come along to kill me.

The saddest thing about this is when I kill them instead, then continue dancing with that 1 horde /dancing back. And when the party pooper res'd and came back, I had to kill him again.
So much blue!!!

so much blue, and yet no worgen love.
05/13/2011 02:09 PMPosted by Fordprefect
So instead of dps'ing/healing/tanking you would rather dance in combat? Never understood this.

It's a PvP thing, not a PvE thing. If you're hopelessly outnumbered as, say, the only defender against a group zerging a node in AB, then you might as well /dance, because you're about to get blown up.

Ok, I can see that. I avoid PvP like the plague though so it just seemed rather odd.
I can finally dance while I'm getting pummeled by 4 people thx Blizz :D
Fix my hat back and I'll be happy.
Least i can can dance on my warrior while tanking, who is

  • I am so glad you fixed the fun of the dancing in combat, now do something about the awfulness that is rune tetris, counter productive tree fighting itself, mastery eating avoidance and vis versa, and sub par STD application mechanics fighting mitigation.

    I'd like to raid on my dk again, and not feel twitchy and annoyed at the end of raid night from paying more attention to my resources and cd's then the boss mechanics.

    Make dk's fun like warriors, not aweful like wrath eclipse druids.

    on that note, here is to the shmoopsy /drink

    There! How do you like it, Zarhym? Hmmm?

    Someone needs a hug ^_^


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