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Fantastic-- I am eagerly awaiting /roar fun times now =)
The concerns of the people vanished. And there was much dancing

"But that day is not today"
I cancelled my suscription a month ago due to schedule problems (working all day long on my Tesis, then hospital full time -meds-).

I was just waiting for my remaining time to never even check the forums again... and then I see THIS.

Why don't you release me free Blizz? Why do you keep me playing? :C

Now, dance while mounted again plz.

05/12/2011 06:36 PMPosted by Zarhym
With the help of Ghostcrawler

Does this mean we're going to start dancing like him?
05/12/2011 06:36 PMPosted by Zarhym
Fun has been unnerfed.

Lol, cheers.
Dear Blizzard,

That is all. <3
/does a little happy dance ^_^
I would like to be the first to formally complain about "Fun" being put back in my game.
05/12/2011 06:39 PMPosted by Moruk
lol but seriously ive made so many topics never get read

Yeah cause the lack of a blue post means they never even looked in its direction.

Also, with thousands of posts every day, they can't possibly read and consider every single one carefully. They do their best.
05/12/2011 06:45 PMPosted by Angmoo

Damn straight. Real men can admit to <3ing My Little Pony.
05/12/2011 06:36 PMPosted by Zarhym
Fun has been unnerfed.

O.o Does this mean that other fun unnerfs are going to be forthcoming?

Please say yes!
Ok that's cool, thanks for the fix. But sorry blue poster you don't get bragging rights for fixing dancing. I guess this fix was big enough of a victory to launch a public thread on it though, i don't know if that scares me more or is a good sign that things are being fixed.

I <3 Ghostcrawler!

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