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.....I hate to be the negitive one in the group, but was this really that great of an issue, when there is so many other things that time and focus could have been spent on. Dont get me wrong I love danceing on dead bodys as much as the next undead but really?
Some things are easier to fix than others.
Out of curiosity do gnomes even dance?
*Does a special dance for Zar and Ghost* <3
Now fix blink...... :D
05/12/2011 06:36 PMPosted by Zarhym
Fun has been unnerfed.

Not completely. You still took away our awesomely broken animations :(

When will I be able to unsheathe my weapons while dancing again?
Of all the QQ/complaining/crying/moaning/wahwah/etc, and you choose to re-introduce in-combat dancing!?!?!?!?

PREPOSTERO-cool! I liked it on my Warlock since he's a caster. Play zee geetar zhen SHOOT ZEE FLAMING BALLS OF DOOM. Back to zee geetar. GREENFIYAINYOFACE. Back to zee geetar. RAINING FIRE BREAKS ITSELF UPON YOUR BODY.
wewt! i totally could not live knowing peeps couldnt be dancing between stunlocking the holy crap outta yours truly. thats just awful, ya know

(in all seriously, yayz! :3)

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