Constantly desyncing.

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I can get about 10 - 15 minutes of play, then I become desynced. I can chat in chat channels, but its like I don't exist in the world.

If I stand still, I am fine, I don't DC at all. if I fly around I am fine. As soon as I enter combat, its a crap shoot.

I have deleted the WTF, Addons, and Cache folders, to no avail.

Altho I am on wireless, I know that is not the issue, as it has not changed in 2 years, and has worked perfectly up until last patch. I am able to play other online games with no issues. I am on a 10Mb down pipe.

Help would be most appreciated.
Still having issue.
Almost 20 hours since first post, any ideas?

If you are using a wireless connection of any kind, please try to connect using a wired connection such as an ethernet cable as a temporary test. Wireless connection are unstable in general and many things beyond your control can and often do interfere with the signal integrity. If you stop having the problem while using a wired connection you will know your wireless is suffering from interference from a nearby source or it may need a firmware update.

If it is possible to do so for your router, switching to a single wireless mode B,G, or N will potentially provide a more secure connection, with less latency and disconnections. If you do not know how to do this, please check your wireless router's instruction manual, or contact the manufacturer or provider of the wireless router for help setting it up.

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