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Can we make it easier for leatherworkers, its so hard to level our profession. :< especially compaired to things like enchanting or tailoring.

Also I like the color changing idea posted earlier.

And talioring needs a cloak embriodery like we had in the lich king one. And enchanting doesn't give something unique except the ring enchants with are not as good as the leatherworking or inscriptionist stuffs.
I still dont see the inscription research changes in the patches or live yet?

Also archeology cooldowns/durations are crap,mining/skinning/herb are a waste of primary profession and boring,move to second professions please? Only "real use" is to make money with it.
Book of glyph Mastery

2 month ago i might have said cool, great ,good job... but i just spent a great deal of gold (350 to 700g a book, 58 books) learning these not so great glyphs. NOW your just going to say ok you slackers waited so here is your reward now you can make these glyphs and drive thier prices down so I'll never make my investment back on them.

My self use only trinkets and relics are going to be no where near top tier anymore and not worth the materials to make, dont even talk to me about cards, make a ton of cards and still have to beg and trade to get a deck to produce anything, really.

While I cant say id like recipes on unattainable rare creatues like jewel crafting, a recipe at the end of a chain quest or achievement, a GOOD glyph I wouldnt mind working for wouldnt be out of the question. But why bother when you'll just make those glyphs trainable in the next patch...I might as well wait from now on. All good things come to slackers
What you guys dont understand is that Archaeology is a SECONDARY profession
toys? why not something good :(
I would like to see a new profession....perhaps a mount training profession. It would use saddles from leatherworking. The idea would be that some of the wild life would be tamed/trained to be mounts. Perhaps it may work like the Venomhide mount in ungoro where the trainer would have to call the creature and train it for so many days before it can become a mount. Perhaps also a companion trainer(or maybe even combine the two?). Companion trainer would use a leash made by leather workers as well. just an idea that may be lucretive for the person using the profession.
damn wish there was more on engineering i just hit cap today and im actually kind of disappointed engineering isnt like it was in WoTlk where a hunter relied on the arrows made from engineering ... now i cant make myself more powerful with arrows and i lose the easy skill ups from making them since they were removed
Actually, one thing I am really gutted about is that I have to have a gathering profession in order to get Volatile Air. I know that alot of Engineers do have something like mining backing them up, but I do not, now I feel like I'm missing out, to such an extent that I'm seriously contemplating dropping my other profession, to pick up a gathering one, just so I can get the most out of Engineering. I can't think of any other scenarios where a other production professions need to be partnered with gathering ones to benefit, i could be wrong. Couldn't you just add a chance to proc Volatile Air when you craft something to supplement the chance on herb/skin/mine, or could we add or go back to the Zapthrottle type arrangement? I know there was the developmental hassle of having gas clouds spawn, but at least ALL Engineers could gather essences.
Will there be mining/herbalism nodes inside Firelands seeing how it is out side?
It would be WONDERFUL for Archeology if we could do like you did to mounts and give us a tab on your spell book to view your different mounts, except to view your artifacts. It's getting to the point where I have 1/2 a bag wasted just to hold my rare or epic artifacts. Understandable for Account Bound artifacts that they be an item to trade to your other toons, but like the Innkeepers Daughter, the item that turns you into a wisp or a molten rock could easily be kept on a spellbook tab to save bag space.
I don't like the fact that my blacksmithing plans drop in raids that I rarely have access to, and the prices for them on the Auction House are astronomically ridiculous. If there is one thing I could request from Blizzard, and I think this would benefit all Blacksmiths... make our newest plans accessible to everyone - not just people who raid.
I didn't peruse the whole thread so perhaps this has been asked, but. Are you ever going to fix Jewel crafting so we can make rings and such above the 346 ilvl? Other professions are able to make higher level items, why not JCs?
just a quick thought on bs

...i mean Black Smithing of course...

so bliz doesnt like the upgradeable items like the weapons from bc being a best in slot item. i'd like to propose that even when they became very first available, they were better than the raid gear from say, kael'thas or karazhan where most of the mat farming would have taken place, but the materials required were prohibitively expensive, so that only the best funded guilds could afford the large material requirements necessary to fully upgrade the item.

for the fully upgraded blazefury?
5x nether vortex
8x primal nether
10x primal air
20x primal shadow
20x primal mana
84x fel iron ore
56x eternium ore

for the bulwark of ancient kings?
2x nether vortex
10x primal nether
10x primal mana
8x primal might
120x adamantium ore
12x eternium ore
12x khorium ore

i'm not saying the potential for butt-kickery didnt exist, just that the price for such awesome power was so high that few people actually went all the way, and even still, when wotlk came out, these super-items became obsolete, and therefore completely pointless to waste the time and effort on. perhaps an item with less mats required, or with a reforging-like ability that can be used from the ground up; to start with a bare item and put stats on it until the pre-determined item level has been made up. something to look into for the next big patch, i suppose.

next upgrade i would love to see the skill-up process for inscription be a little faster after 400, when only the books, the highest lvl card, and northrend research are actually worth any ranks.

of course, mounted combat would be nice, imagine spellcasting or even dueling from the back of your drake?

imagine running along deathwing's back, keeping the dragon from torching the whole earth? things to think about for later. ty, buh-bye!
Are there any plans to make Chaos Orbs BoA or even BoE? - Mommycow (NA/ANZ)

Yes! They will be unbound in a future patch.

Ok I found it.
Take Chaos Orbs away from tailors (btw, I have 3 of them). There are so many was to make Dream Cloth, the orbs just make it harder for Engineers & Blacksmiths to get orbs. While tailors have other ways to get Dream Cloth to craft gear, other professions must have chaos orbs.

Make them BoA or BoE too plz
Do you have plans to make gathering professions more attractive instead of making them skills that you would be inclined to take up on one of your alts? - Nanahuatzin (LA)

Are there any plans to somehow change Archeology and Fishing, which have become notoriously tedious? Do you have plans to make archaeology more appealing, maybe with puzzles or something else? - Boîndal (EU-DE), Kalani (NA/ANZ), Käworu (LA)

Please take a look at: "Fishing...The Final Frontier" in the forums under the Toon "Shanndorn".

It is in short story format detailing suggestions for the FISHING Profession which are progressively introduced as you read the unfolding story, in the form of items and ideas.

It received favorable responses and I think it has merit.

...It is how I wish I could fish in Azeroth.

Check it out BLIZZARD... :D
I dunno if it's been mentioned before, but I'd wouldn't mind the gathering professions getting rolled into the crafting ones. For example as a LW/Engineer, I could have mining and skinning to fuel those professions. Not have to Mine/Skin on alts that I don't enjoy playing. I'd still have to go to other players for enchants and whatnot, but I could support my profession mainly on my main. The trade offs could be like they increase the mats needed for stuff I can make and the gathering professions could no long grant passives like Mining's Stamina boost and Skinning's Crit.
I've been thinking that Archaeology could have some more depth to it. Perhaps a possibility of a Legendary weapon or armor. Jars could be placed in the loot table for each race, just like the canopic jars, these jars could have a chance of having a map fragment or something like that. Once all the map fragments are found, it would unlock a different digsite where pieces of the legendary artifact could be obtained. After a certain amount of pieces are collected that would complete the item, a quest would be started or you would go to the Museum curator for a quest or them putting the pieces together.

As for the Destroying professions (milling and prospecting) I would love to see a npc for the appropriate profession that could do it for you in one shot. I can't tell you how much time it takes me to mill / prospect.
Less tedious fishing would be great. Compared to the other secondary professions, it is probably at a main profession level in terms of time to advance in levels.

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