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When given the opportunity to give real answers to real issues we get more talk about pets. I am disappoint. Why do these Q&As at all if it's only ever going to be softballs taken?
I was just thinking the same actually.

There seems to be a lot of "ask the devs", but not much "answer the players".
05/16/2011 10:55 AMPosted by Bloodbliss
It took two weeks for those answers?

My thoughts exactly.

There is approximately zero information here we didn't already know. If people have a banal question they need answered come to the Professions forum and ask it there, don't waste one of our precious few genie wishes asking something obvious.

I'm guessing it took them two weeks to cross out every single question that would require new information to answer and this is what was left.
I hate to be critical, but you took 2 weeks to answer the questions no one honestly cared about (besides archaeology).

The developers of the Gatherer and Gathermate addons can show distinct icons and borders for every gathering node resource and have been doing so for over 5 years. It really can't be that hard for the Blizzard developers to do the same. If nothing else, the LUA is already written and all Blizzard needs to do is license it.
Herbalism/Mining phasing bug - update us please Blizz.

DE button incompatible with guild perk - update us please.

Enchanters providing uncompensated DE's while also competing against JP vendor dumps - update us please.

Future of Inscription given that no glyphs use top inks, items made are blues or decks, dust of disappearance is bought from vendors, and this profession is careening toward a dead end in utility unless decks get upgrades with content patches - update us please.

Very. Very Lame. As an Engineer, the nod to it in the first post, and then NOT ANSWERING ANY of the engineering questions?


I don't care about Archaeology. You are going to have to make that profession suck a million times less than it currently does before I bother. Dailies wont fix it, Focusing on a single race wont fix it.

Sorry. I had HIGH hopes for this Ask a dev section. I was hoping for something about ENG, and answers about things. The only thing that is "cool" in this whole chat? You are making Glyph books less of a nuisance.
I repeat what many others said ...what about goggles? far in the PTR there's nothing to upgrade our engineer goggles! ...are cogwheels a one time shot? would've been cool to have new goggles recipes upgraded to T12 helm levels and add cogwheels.
05/16/2011 10:55 AMPosted by Bloodbliss
It took two weeks for those answers?

Maybe their talkin' heads hadda spend most of the time they usually spend writin' "ask the devs" copy to spinnin' the drop in subscription revenue.
I noticed, there was nothing asked about Engineering.
There was nothing about ANY specific profession, they're not just picking on engineers. I think it's an effect of the vote-up system that flags the most popular questions... since only a fraction of the userbase are interested in any specific profession, they don't get enough votes. Only general questions got voted up highly.

Originally, we didn't intend to create items at all when you completed a normal archaeology find, but that didn't feel right. So now we have these items that still don't feel right because you can't do anything fun with them. We are working on a more thematic and interesting way to consume the artifacts you dig up. These include returning them to the museums (for the devoted archaeologist) and the option to continue vendoring them (if you wish to continue your career as a cold-blooded treasure hunter.)

Or another possibility, with an option to expand it would be to have a personal "scrapbook". This would be a limitless sized container, much like the current keyring, with the caveat that once an item is placed in it, the item can never be taken out again. Maybe add a cost (50 to 100g feels about right) to place an item in there. These would then be visible to the player themselves, and hopefully also visible / comparable when inspecting another player.

In addition to Archaeology items, I could see dropping some other items into it (possibly with a journal note), as reminders of cool things done. As an example I still keep Rhea's last egg on my main, because that new quest chain that lead up to getting it was just full of awesome, IMHO.

Additionally, we plan to add daily quests, a deeper story, additional skill gains, and the flexibility to focus on a specific race.

As long as the race can be changed on a reasonably frequent basis, this will be OK. If it's extremely difficult / expensive, or just flat out impossible to change your race of choice, you may find a pronounced weighting of people's choice in this matter towards one particular race, and we all know which one I'm talking about. ;)

Will there be a way to distinguish profession nodes on the minimap for those that have two gathering professions? - Discordia (LA)

    That’s a good suggestion. We recently added the ability to see your target and focus target on the minimap, but the feedback we’ve received from players is that they clutter up the map too much. Coming up with unique icons that work with only a few pixels might be challenging. We’ll give it a shot though.

The work's already been done for you. Take a look at both the Gatherer and Gathermate addons to see how this should be done. Both of these addons have found a very elegant solution to this very problem, and trust me after using them extensively I can say that they do work.

Are there any plans to change Original and Burning Crusade profession skills so that new players can skill up their profession skills more similar pace with leveling? Low level trade skill materials on Auction House are generally expensive for new players, and new players must feel they are stuck if they should left low level zones just for profession skill up, while they want to increase both of them at same pace. - Whitewnd (KR), Гаркара (EU-RU)

    Yes. Definitely. As we move forward, making sure older content has a smooth flow is a top priority. In fact, we have Top Men working on it. Top. Men.

I don't believe this is quite addressing the concern. It's not an issue that the content doesn't flow, far from it. The completely reworked content in the original lands, Kalimdor & E.K. is a vast improvement, but still doesn't solve the basic problem that your character levels far faster than their professions, for crafting professions at least.

Take my L40 alt who is a Herbalist / Alchemist. Herbalism is never a problem, that levels just fine as I run around and do stuff. But the quantity of materials so produced is generally not sufficient to level up alchemy in step, so I feel constrained to stay in an area after I've out-leveled it, just to gather mats to level up Alchemy.
I have a question regarding the mechanics of fishing.

Is it decided what you will loot when you:

a) Cast the line?
b) Click on the lure when ready?

I've been farming for the turtle mount for many, many hours, and I wanted to know if on that rare occassion I accidentally move my character and cancel fishing before the lure is ready, if I've missed out on the prize.

Any ideas?

05/16/2011 09:06 AMPosted by Kaivax
Yes. Definitely. As we move forward, making sure older content has a smooth flow is a top priority. In fact, we have Top Men working on it. Top. Men.

Ha ha love this ^^
Most of the questions that were answered were fluff. I am disappointed, because the professions in this game have serious issues that honestly require attention and now, well, we know they aren't going to get it. Pretty crappy feeling as a paying customer.

The biggest issues with the crafting professions are:

1. No point in leveling it as you level, because the character levels exponentially faster than the profession, making it a constant "well, all this stuff I can make is useless to me".

2. It takes longer to collect the materials for one item than it does to run dungeons or complete quests that reward items far superior to anything you can craft at levels 1 - 80.

3. There simply aren't enough patterns with useful stats, from levels 1 - 70. From worst to best: Leatherworking, Blacksmith, Tailor. Blizzard need to add, at least, a 5 piece crafted green set at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 so that people can make their own gear as they level if they wish. Heck, even make it so that the player can take their level 10 self-crafted items and (optionally) add them into the level 20 set for a 10% stat bonus and follow that up all the way to level 60. It would be a fun alternative for people that would actually justify the first 300 skill points of the professions.

4. Old items like [item="Heart of Darkness" /] are a pain to come by, because folks don't run that content any more, yet many of the BoE items would be useful to make for alts, friends, or the AH. As such, they are effectively wasted patterns, because it's a waste of time to go out and try and farm these specific materials. To resolve the problem, stick them all on a vendor for Justice Points or Honor Points, as JP/HP can be earned in the normal course current play.

Thankfully, many have posted about Archeology and we have some answers for it. I am not trying to be rude when I say this, but I really did laugh out loud when a guildie confirmed that all there is to the whole thing is going to random points and dropping a scope over and over again. My God, this game is still developed by Blizzard, right? Fishing is far and away more entertaining than the laughable blah that is Archeology (for instance, fishing has various poles, quest, server wide weekly derbies, items that modify success, it feeds cooking, and has random drops. Sadly fishing no longer adheres to location aware levels, which takes away a lot from the feeling of exploration).
A crafted BIS item removes that entire slot as an interesting drop choice, and it strongly forces players into specific professions. For example, if there is a crafted best in slot weapon, you can bet a vast majority of players will feel obligated to take up blacksmithing

Oh sure, in most cases it would just be cheaper to buy a boe for 20k than level up a new profession from scratch for one slot, especially an expensive and material intensive profession like blacksmithing or engineering.
05/16/2011 11:39 AMPosted by Atalzangar
4. Old items like [item="Heart of Darkness" /] are a pain to come by, because folks don't run that content any more, yet many of the BoE items would be useful to make for alts, friends, or the AH. As such, they are effectively wasted patterns, because it's a waste of time to go out and try and farm these specific materials.

Yep there are dozens of blacksmithing recipes that are for a marginally good piece of gear but would cost 500g or more to farm or buy the materials to make - is a level 60 blue really worth 500-1000g and several days worth of farming to make?

I also recently just created jeeves and the turbo charged flying machine on my engineer, both took at least a full day of farming materials and each took about 1500g in addition to get the remaining materials.
05/16/2011 09:06 AMPosted by Kaivax
Our overall goal for these professions is that it shouldn't be too difficult to max out your skill, but catching every fish and finding every artifact should be a long journey.
I admit, I don't see why catching fish has to feel like a long journey, or nearly as tedious as it does. It's a very boring profession.

Other than that, I'm happy to hear about being able to research new glyphs; so much better, that way. I'm also curious how leveling crafting professions will be changed to make it smoother; because they really do suck to level up on someone who's just starting out, and has no 'sugar main' to provide money/mats to level.
You make the Indiana Jones reference on like the one question that isn't Archaeology related?!

Shame. Shaaaaame.

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